Happy to Sea You Summer Door Hangers

I have always loved summer but having kids I think I love it 10,000 times more!  I’ve got my Bronwyn Hanahan fish door hanger out for the month and love its cheerful colors.

Everything is looking so green and lush right now.  By the end of August it will look hot and tired.  HA!

Mother tied the bows on the pups this month.  I love how she put together the colors and patterns on the ribbons.

And I’ve got the crab that she made for me years ago on the side door.  Again, it makes for a cheerful pop of color on the blue door.

I love putting up the door hangers for our enjoyment but it wasn’t until I had my home on the neighborhood tour that I realized how much my neighbors did too!  I had SO many people tell me how much the look forward to the next one up.  It really made my day :-)

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So, if you’re popping by the summer, I hope you’ll know just how happy we are to “sea” you!!


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