Life Hack {Dispensing Medicine} + A Winner

Whit came down with an ear infection a couple of weeks ago and was put on an antibiotic for 10 days.  If you’re anything like me, or your household is anything like mine, this gets real hard to keep track of real quick.  On approximately day 2, it’s a stream of questions morning and night… Did Daddy give you your meds this morning?  Did I?

So, years and years ago when both of my babies were on an antibiotic at the same time I started keeping track of it like this…

I shared this on Instagram about 10 days ago and got SO many messages thanking me for the tip that I thought it was worth sharing here as well.

I draw a grid with a sharpie right on the back of the bottle as soon as it comes home.  The rows are for each day of the week, with a column for each AM and PM.  We keep the sharpie on the counter next to the measuring thing and whoever dispenses the medicine marks it off.  It’s so easy!!

I had hoped to post our Summer Fun video of the week but it has been raining almost constantly for days.  Days.  Our project this week was supposed to be outside and we just never got enough of a break to actually do it.


PS. The winner of my Willow Park Boutique Giveaway is Keri Michaelis!  The SUPER fun thing about this is that she was randomly selected but I know her in real life.  I don’t think that has ever happened in all the years of my giveaways. Congrats Keri – you will wear these well!!  Send me an email to claim your prize.


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