Summer Fun {Dry Ice}

We missed our Summer Fun installment last week due to weather, and then this week our plans took a left turn when John came home jazzed about dry ice after a sleepover.  As y’all know by now, I’ve turned the video reins over to the boys this summer to help them hone their skills in becoming “professional you tubers” one day.  :-)


Dry Ice Bubbles

You’ll need dry ice, water, a bowl, bubble solution (Dollar Tree is fine) and a 1″ strip of a rag.

1. Have an adult break off a small chunk of dry ice and place in the bowl.

2. Pour in about 1 cup of water.

3. Drench the rag in bubble solution.  Rub it around the ring of the bowl.  Then stretch the rag out and run it across the top of the bowl.

4. See how big of a bubble you can get!


  • Dry ice can be purchased at the grocery store.  In mine, it is located in a cooler next to the seafood.
  • Dry ice is not cheap – the block is around $15.  You only need a little for this project, so I would recommend doing this project when you have more uses for the dry ice – ie. fog on halloween or food/drinks you want to keep extra cool in your cooler.  Daddy-O buys dry ice for his cooler on beach trips and road trips!
  • Read the handling and storage instructions carefully for dry ice.  You cannot touch it with bare skin and only adults should handle.  It should be stored in a cooler, not a freezer at home.  And so on, and so forth.

I hope that y’all are enjoying this little series.  We sure are having fun!


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7 thoughts on “Summer Fun {Dry Ice}

  1. I am dying! Between John’s swaying (my high school English teacher deducted points when we gave speeches and did this, so it brings back memories, LOL), Whit looking like HE was the one who’d been to a sleepover and had little sleep, and your shriek after first putting the dry ice in the bowl…PRICELESS. Looks like the boys, and mom, are having a great summer!

    1. That was res life around here. John has had quite a few speeches at school and he stops swaying with enough practice :-). Whit always looks like he’s partied too hard. And that ice terrified me. Bwahahaha

  2. Your faces when you put the dry ice in the bowl!!

    Guys, thanks for sharing another fun project for summer! We’ve never experimented with dry ice, but we will for sure give this a try!

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