The Power of a Professional Pinch Pleat

While I am far from a seamstress, I did teach myself how to sew a rectangle probably fifteen years ago.  It has served me well, because a lot of window treatments, pillow covers and table runners are nothing more than a rectangle.  Over the years I’ve made curtains, valances, roman shades and even balloon shades from the basic rectangle.  But, beyond that, I’ve got nothing.  (Thank goodness Mother is so talented!!)

I have used clip rings on the curtain panels in many of my rooms and while some of them look just fine, the drapes in my den and living room have always needed a little something more.  Not to mention, they were constantly falling off of the clips due to the weight of the fabric + the heavy blackout lining.  For what it’s worth, I’ve also used pleating tape but do not love the look that has resulted in.  I will admit that it could very well be user error, but I have never gotten a decent pleat out of it.

See before… clip ring curtains…

I finally decided to seek professional help.  One morning on a wild hair I took all the panels down in my den and living room.  I know I looked a crazy person to the neighbors as I shook them, beat them and brushed them clean in the driveway.  But you know, they needed it.  I then had an upholstery shop add three-fold pinch pleats in all of them, along with the proper hanging hooks.  I think it makes a WORLD of difference!!!

They look so neat and tidy hanging and are finally the perfect length that almost brushes the floor.  When I rehung them, I used pliers to remove the clips from the drapery rings.  Once those were gone, I used the new hooks on the backs of the panels on the existing rings.  It was quick and easy!

This is absolutely one of those things that I wonder what took me so long to finally handle!

The only problem is that now I want to seek the power of professional pinch pleats for all my curtains.  The next ones to go are definitely in the dining room!!!


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10 thoughts on “The Power of a Professional Pinch Pleat

  1. They look lovely! I wouldn’t have thought it would make that much difference, but it does! xoxo

  2. Who would have thought that would make such a difference! I can’t get over it. The drapes look beautiful!

  3. Are they more just for looks now or do they still close all the way? You said they had black out panels so I guessed you shut these at some point?

  4. Such a great idea! I need to do this with the drapes in my bedroom. I never thought about having an upholstery shop do this! Good tip!
    Btw, I forgot how much I love the crown moulding in your house! So pretty!

  5. I love the change!
    If the dining room is the next to go, why don’t you mix up your pleat selection. Try a Euro (or sometimes called a French) Pleat. Google it :)

  6. So pretty Amanda. Do you like your woven blinds? So many different qualities. I use to have heavy window treatments and lace panels like sheers underneath. Took all that down when we put in wood floors. Now I am uncertain what to do. My room is a relaxed country french look. I also have a patio door about six feet down from the living room windows. Any thoughts?

  7. Oh my goodness, I just love pinch pleat curtains! I usually buy the fabric when it’s on sale and take it to be made into curtains:) I wish could share a pic of my curtains.

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