Back to School Door Hangers

Happy August!  It’s back to school time here in Georgia and I’ve already got cheery door hangers out on the front and side entries.  Both are by Bronwyn Hanahan Art on etsy.

Honey spent the last couple of weekends painting all of the wood work on the front porch, upper railing and side porch.  It was looking really weather worn on this side of the house. We didn’t realize how dingy things had started looking until he ran a paint brush across them.

The bus is my favorite, but I also adore the happy red apple on the side door.  I usually leave this one up until Halloween goes out in October.  My ferns out front look great, but all of my other pots are leggy and pitiful looking.  It’s way too soon for pansies so I guess we will stick it out for another couple of months.  We also cut the gardenia here way down last week – it was becoming unruly but was full of blooms.  I’m hoping that we still get some next year.

My little sidekick followed me around the whole time I was out here.  It has been surprisingly pleasant here the last couple of days so I wasn’t immediately rushing to get back inside.  HA!

The summer really flew by this year, more so than ever before.  I hate to let myself admit that the days get faster every year that the boys get older.  Here we come 3rd and 6th grade!


School Days


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3 thoughts on “Back to School Door Hangers

  1. Love the back to school door decor. I especially adore the apple on the friends’ entry – so cheerful and welcoming! We are not ready for classes to start (we N E V E R are), but nevertheless it’s time. Hope this is the best school year yet for the W fam! xoxo

  2. Speaking of “leggy”, Elsa’s legs look so long in that picture! She’s really growing up and looking like a big dog. Pretty girl! I’ve been following you forever and I’m so glad y’all are a dog family now. Fur babies are the best!

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