A Sweet Back to School {Chocolate Fondue Snack}

I always feel so jittery and anxious on the first day of school.  I know the boys are in a safe place, and they always leave with a good attitude and outlook, but it feels so odd having them gone after being with me all summer.  So, ever since John’s first day of Kindergarten, I’ve spent some time while they are at school that first making them a special snack to welcome them home.  (For the record, by the second day of school I realize I can deep clean my house, get some productive work done, shower and maybe even eat lunch!  LOL)

I know I mentioned it yesterday, but the elementary and middle school schedule is going to take some getting used to!  On one hand, I can already tell how much easier it will be getting just one kid at a time ready and out the door in the morning.  But, on the other hand, when only Whit gets off the bus in the afternoon it is just plain sad.  We are getting some time just two of us, which is unusual and nice, and I’m sure it will be much more helpful once homework starts coming home as well.

Anyhoo… since I only had one at a time coming home I didn’t do a big tablescape or elaborate snack.  I just set a little place for Whit and then changed it out for John a couple of hours later.  I welcomed them home with a “hope you had a sweet day” after school fondue treat.  It was so easy and not something we’ve ever done here – they both loved it!  I picked up just one dark chocolate fondue cup from Publix (baking aisle with the chocolate chips) and divided it in half.  I gave them strawberries, marshmallows, a rice krispie treat and two bite brownies to dip.  Everything was pre-made and the whole thing can come together in under 5 minutes.

As usual, he ran straight past me after the bus to love and hug on his bestie…

Whit is a kid of few words, so I always trick him into spilling the details of his day with a card game.  He loved 3rd grade and loved his teacher, Ms. L.  He said she loves Disney, her mom works at Coke and she has two fluffy dogs just like Elsa.  What’s not to love?!  The biggest compliment of all was this:

Mommy, last year I went to school every day and you know how every day felt like 100 hours?  Well, today felt like 1 hour.  I love Ms. L.

I was thrilled but also devastated that I didn’t know that every day of 2nd grade felt like 100 hours.  He never told me that.  bless his precious heart  His brother would have made that fact known every single day ad nauseam.  HA.

After what seemed like an eternity, it was time to go get John.  I’ve been through the carpool line at school exactly ONE time in six years, so I had no clue what to expect.  I obviously arrived half an hour early.  Just in case.  And I was the only person there.  HAHAHAHA!

At drop off that morning I reminded John that I would pick him up in that spot right after school.  Well, the bell for dismissal finally rings and kids are literally pouring out of every orifice of the school.  It’s insane.  They are scattering in every direction and I’m scanning the crowds for any sight of him, just praying with every fiber of my being that there is a smile on his face.  Well, this massive group comes out the front doors and starts walking across the street with the crossing guard where some parents park to pick up rather than using the carpool line.  And, who do I spy in that massive group but JOHN.  I’m sitting in my car like… Do I jump out?  Do I lower the window and yell for him?  Is sending little brother after him less embarrassing?  WHAT TO DOOOOOOOO????????????????

I come to my senses and remember that bestie M’s plan for her son is to be over in that other lot, I call her to get him.  No answer.  I 911 call her again so, being the amazing and dutiful friend that she is, she answers completely in a panic… WHAT’S WROOOOOOONNNNGGGGG???????  (Do you see why we are friends?) I told her John crossed the street and she assures me that she will just bring him home as there is no way I will get out of the school lot, cross the street and be able to retrieve him in a reasonable amount of time.  Whew.  First middle school crisis averted.  And so, the newbie carpool line mom who was there 30 minutes early then sheepishly leaves without her kid.  Told ya I was going to have middle school growing pains.

John arrived home just as soon as we did and came inside to his snack.  He was ravenous and words were literally tumbling out of his mouth about his day.  (He declined the After School Talk game, for the record.  I now know it ages out at 5th grade.  :-) )  He loved his classes, his teachers, changing classes, lunch, carpool, everything.  What a relief!  He knew a few kids in homeroom, which is also first period, but only had one friend in any class the rest of the day.  Luckily, that one class is the same one they eat lunch with.  I always tell them… you only need one good friend.  He does have a few other friends and acquaintances that he knows from sports, church and the pool at the same school, and he said he saw them in the hallways, but the vast majority of his elementary school is routed to a different middle school.  I also tell them… you go to school to learn not hang out with your friends.  I have become my mother.  

Anyway, if you have a kid younger than 6th grade (wink) you can find the free printable file for After School Talk here >> After School Talk Free Printable.  All you need is a deck of cards!

I hope that the next time I report back on the school front that everything is just as positive and glowing as the first day report!  And I hope those of you that have started got equally as good reports.  Lastly, thanks to all that chimed in on yesterday’s post.  I appreciate all of your thoughtful tips and words of you’ve-got-this.  I think my favorite of all was “proceed with caution and lots of conversation.”



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4 thoughts on “A Sweet Back to School {Chocolate Fondue Snack}

  1. The first day is always crazy, whether buses, walking or carpool. The middle school kids in our neighborhood didn’t arrive home til after 5!!! They get out at 4 and the school is two miles away.

  2. So happy to hear all went well and they enjoyed their first day. Definitely eases your Mama heart! xo

  3. Whit reminds me of my rising fourth grader, Logan. He much prefers our black lab mix Chuck Norris to me and he’s also a man of few words. Will definitely be printing out the talk game for our first day of school!

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