Dream Big, Princess

There is a young lady in our community that we call “Amazing Grace”.  I don’t personally have the privilege of knowing her, but two of my dearest friends are very close to her and her family.  Grace was diagnosed with aggressive bone cancer at age 11 and has bravely faced countless surgeries and treatments, all with a thankful heart, incredible spirit and amazing grace.  When it was determined that she would need to lose part of her leg from the knee down, she underwent a drastic surgery to remove her foot and have it reattached in reverse where her knee joint once was so that she could continue her favorite activity, running.  At age 13, Grace’s big dream is to one day compete in the Paralympics and she is currently training for a 5k race.  Grace dreams big, and she has an entire community praying big in support of her.

Photo by Kate T. Parker Photography

As part of Disney’s Dream Big, Princess campaign, a new global photography initiative places the spotlight on inspiring stories of real women and girls from around the world, with a goal of raising funds for The United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up Campaign supporting adolescent girls’ leadership and empowerment.   Women photographers from 15 different countries created images that celebrate the power of dreaming with the intent of showing kids all that is possible when you “dream big”.  Grace’s was one of the stories chosen to help inspire others and communicate the mission of the campaign.

From August 15-October 11, 2017, when you like a public image with #DreamBigPrincess  hashtag or post your own photo publicly using #DreamBigPrincess on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, Disney Worldwide Services will donate $1 to Girl Up, up to $1 Million!!

So, the next time you see a photo with the #DreamBigPrincess  hashtag, be sure to like it!

I headed in to town today after an appointment to have lunch with my old Coke co-workers.  I didn’t realize how much I miss them!!  But, so far I am really, really happy with my new job and feel so blessed that it happened how and when it did.  I was too scared to dream big about any sort of work outside of what I knew until I had to.  Seeing the internet flooded with images and stories of these young girls and women daring to dream big while they are still so young made me incredibly happy.



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4 thoughts on “Dream Big, Princess

  1. What an awesome campaign! I will definitely make an effort to like pictures with the hashtag; such a small way to help, but it is something. These young ladies are so inspiring!

    And I’m so glad to hear that you’re thriving in life after Coke. Isn’t funny how things work out, something you never could’ve even imagined ends up being so perfect. Thrilled for you! xo

  2. I want to make a comment not on the content of this post (which is awesome, of course), but on your new advertisement placement within the posts. When I have opened the most recent few of your posts, there is a very large, flashing, distracting advertisement right in the body of the text. It’s not an unobtrusive, on the side ad. It’s an obnoxious-looking, in-your-face, “you WILL look at me!” kind of ad. I have been a reader of your blog for several years, and I understand that bills need to be paid, but please reconsider this.

    1. Yikes! I can’t actually see the ads on my blog at all (I think because it is illegal for me to click on them so they just don’t show). Thank you for the candid feedback. I will take a peek from Honey’s computer when he gets home tonight.

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