Eclipse Snacks

We are headed up to a lake in North Georgia for a couple of days of fun in the sun and eclipse viewing from the path of totality!!  Bestie M and I brainstormed all sorts of themed snacks to have out during the event and I picked up mine this morning.

Sun Chips, Capri Suns, Black and White Cookies…

Spellbound wine for eclipse eve…

She got Sunkist, Eclipse Gum and Moon Pies!  Daddy-O suggested Sunmaid Raisins but…. I’m pretty sure nobody would eat those.

If you are still looking for a DIY shirt (cricut or silhouette), you can download our shirt designs in this post from earlier in the week!

We’re off to our first lax practice of the season (trying out the long pole!) and then will hit the road.  Have a great weekend!!



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7 thoughts on “Eclipse Snacks

  1. Wow! How nice that y’alls schools are closed tomorrow so they can see eclipse. I sure wish ours were. Back to the grind unfortunately.

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