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Back at the very beginning of summer when we first started talking about middle school, John asked if he could get a big bed in his room rather than his “baby beds”.  I admit, they are babyish – not the size necessarily, but the scalloped head and foot boards that I chose when he was two.  In the blink of an eye, summer was gone and no new bed had been procured.  Oops!  I tortured him and Honey by making them cruise the internet for beds for at least an hour on Saturday afternoon, and we did order one but it hasn’t arrived just yet.

Well, the night before school it dawned on me that the boys would have extremely different schedules for basically eternity.  (As in until John is a senior and Whit is a freshman.  In high school.)  This coupled with the fact that I knew a big bed was coming (and little brother would be booted from the room) prompted me to ask Whit if he might want to try sleeping in his own room.  For the first time ever.  As soon as I said it, I regretted it, but he said “sure”.  He’s had his own room since we moved here eight years ago, but he’s shared John’s room since the very night he left the crib.

I was already on edge about school and this really just about did me in.  He happily read his book for a few minutes while I put away some laundry.  I went back in to lay down with him and found him like this…

… asleep in his own room in the bed that was my sister’s growing up with his stuffed animals around him and his book on his chest.  So big, and so little all at the same time.

It’s the end of an era here.  A sweet set of years where two brothers shared a room and fell asleep talking, night after night after night.  Hold on to your babies, ladies.  It all goes by way too fast.

Sweet dreams, boys.



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23 thoughts on “In His Bed

  1. I shared a room with my brother until I was in third grade, after that we shared a common wall (trust me, we still managed to communicate in the middle of the night when necessary ;-) A suggestion…I have a dear friend with two little girls. They each have their own room, but Friday nights are “sleepover” nights during the school year. They pick a room, and have a sleepover at home. Might help ease the transition. If not for the boys, for their sweet momma.

  2. So sweet – and sad – and happy – and…I totally understand your mixed emotions on this. My boys are in middle school together this fall and then next year is HIGH school for the big kid! How on earth did this happen? It really does go way too fast. The only advice I can give you is to cherish every moment…which you already do anyway. Oh here is some advice…snuggle them as much as possible while they will let you. My 13 year old barely lets me hug him anymore which then makes me snuggle my 11 year old even more. Luckily, he still lets me and still enjoys it. Boys…
    xo Shelley

  3. This makes me so sad! Both because I’ve searched high and low for those scalloped beds and because when Henry Ray comes out of his crib I want him in a twin and never growing up. At least Pluto and the other buddies will keep him company

  4. Oh Amanda,
    I feel for you! It does happen in the blink of an eye. With John going to middle school this year I kind of anticipated changes were coming especially in relationship to his privacy which is understandable.

    I do like the idea of weekend sleepovers which another reader posted about. It does make the transition a little easier especially for Whit.

  5. Tears. And happiness. Wanting them to grow and see what the world has in store for them. Wanting them to stay little forever. It’s quite a tug of war in a momma’s heart.

  6. What a sweet picture!! I’m sure the end of this era seems very strange. Luckily they will remain the best of friends. Bet you’re ready for the weekend and to have your babies home for a few days.

  7. I have twin boys who are 12 and I so relate to your posts. They are growing up so fast and turning in to teenagers now. My boys still share their room even though we have an extra bedroom. In my mind I don’t see them ever wanting separate rooms, but my mom and older sister insist it will happen :)

  8. This made me tear up! My boys share a room. They even sleep in the same bed – their choice. My little was not even 2 when he climbed out of his bed and into his brothers bed. We woke up to find them together. Scary that the little one was up alone but so sweet that he went straight to big brother. They are still young (3 and 6) but I know these years go by so quickly.

  9. My two boys shared a room until Ben was in the 7th grade and we moved to a new house that allowed each child to have their own room. Even now( and they are 38 and 34) Charles tells me how he liked being in the room with Ben and talking as they fell asleep. You are right…precious times.

  10. I am so emo reading this Amanda. I have twin boys who are now 15 (Sophomores) and when they decided to have their own rooms it did me in as well. Little by little they grow and get more independent and one day you wake up and they are walking into High School! Ugg….I tell Mamas of littles how fast it goes…it truly does. My boys are my everything! If I am honest, I have had a very hard time adjusting to them growing older. Just know you are not alone and at least when John goes to college you have Whit home for a few years! Mine are gone all at once!!!! Can you say therapy? I surely think it is in my future;)

  11. So bittersweet…I feel exactly the same. Childhood is so fleeting. 5th and 3rd for my two this year and I feel like it’s going too last and you can’t slow it down. Treasure it all … ❤️

  12. When I first started reading your blog, Whit was still wear jon jons. Time sure has flown by.

    Maybe you can move the twin beds into Whit’s room in case the boys want to sleep together on weekends, or for sleepovers.

  13. Whit looks so sweet with his Pluto dog :-) My youngest just got her big girl bed this week, it looks just like Whit’s, it was my Grandmother’s master bed. Now my girls can start having what we call pajama parties every night. Your post is a true reminder to soak up every second of our babies XOXO Have a great weekend!!

  14. Oh Amanda…they grow up so quickly don’t they? So many memories. My boys are four years apart and are now attending the same grad school out of state. The other day my oldest needed a medical procedure and the youngest took him as he was not allowed to drive.
    The next night…the oldest took the younger one to dinner and a beer. Brotherhood you cannot beat those wonderful memories. I keep reminding them they need to capture as many moments together right now as possible as they don’t know where their careers will land them.

    I remember the big bed transition from twin size. My recommendation…get each of them
    involved with picking out bedding, etc. They will love expressing that independence.

  15. I wish someone had been able to explain to me before I had children how much they can fill your heart up and break your heart at the same time.

  16. That must have been a heart wrenching evening but seeing Whit so peaceful surely helped. This is happening waaay too fast! My heart goes out to you.

    Perhaps you can paint the twin beds grey (something similar to your bedside chests) and place them in Whit’s room. Then, you can use your heirloom bed when he reaches this stage.

    I’m not so sure your READERS are ready to part with those famous twin beds just yet! :-)

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