A Pretty Memory Box for Your Ticket Stubs

I’ve been saving ticket stubs in my desk drawer for years.  I’ve tossed around ideas in my head on just what to do with them countless times, but none of the things I came up with ever excited me.  I wanted something pretty, inexpensive and timeless and I finally found the perfect thing!

Sorting through all of the old tickets was a wonderful trip down memory lane.  This is exactly what I wanted to preserve – an accessible, easy way for us to collect these memories.  I had anywhere from one to three of each and ultimately decided just to save one from each event or experience.  I have sporting events, shows, movies, ballets, and even room keys from some iconic hotels or trips!

I found the lovely gold and glass box on Amazon for a fraction of the price of similar boxes at stores like Pottery Barn and West Elm.  It was $30 with prime shipping!  It is beautiful and solid and came extremely well packaged.

I tried the little box in a lot of places around the house but ultimately settled on keeping it in the banquette area of our den.  It will probably move around over the years, but I loved this spot for how easy it will be to look through and add to.

I think this box would also be lovely to hold jewelry or even little baby booties and rattles.  It’s so sweet!  Anyhoo, this has been on a long list in my brain for years and it sure feels good to mentally cross it off :-)


Glass Keepsake Box
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9 thoughts on “A Pretty Memory Box for Your Ticket Stubs

  1. Perfect timing. I’m returning home tomorrow from our granddaughter’s double digit trip we take our grandkids on when they turn 10. I was wondering what a good way to display memories like tickets, resort keys, etc. Thank you for being such a great source of information.

  2. I was cleaning out all kinds of boxes and things a couple of week ago and I put all of my tickets in a wooden box that I actually found in my closet. It has a place on top to put a photo or something so I’m thinking of putting something in there so anyone would know that it is mementos. I have a couple of larger boxes with cards and programs. My daughter took dance and performed in chorus and musical programs at school, so I have most of those programs.

  3. I, too, am a saver and love the idea of having things like this out to look through. Mine are living a sad, sad life in my cedar chest. Thanks for sharing! xo

  4. I keep all of our tickets in a big glass jar but I’m thinking of starting a “box” for each of my children. I like the idea of keeping hotel room keys, we’ve been traveling more and more the last two year.

  5. I love this! We have a ton of old leftover FastPasses (the horror!!) and other Disney memorabilia that’s we’ve wanted to do something fun with, I might just have to do this.

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