Air Fryer Friday {Buffalo Pierogies}

I promise I am not going to spam y’all with air fryer Friday every week.  I just have a few recipes to share and I can’t resist the alliteration.

So, buffalo pierogies sound peculiar, right?  Well, Sister introduced them to me years ago and they have been a standby snack (or light dinner) since then.  I usually just cook them in the oven, but since getting the air fryer they now just go in there.

Buffalo Pierogies
1 box Pierogies – I use cheese and onion
Mild buffalo sauce
Blue cheese dressing
Celery sticks

Heat the air fryer to 360.  Spray it well.  Add six pierogies at a time and heat for about 6 minutes.  Use a brush to coat with buffalo sauce.  Put them back in for another minute or two.  When you take them out again, brush with the sauce a final time.  Serve with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing to dip.

As you can see, this is a healthier, meatless, boneless (yay!) take on the chicken wing.  We all love it.  It is cheap.  And it only takes a few minutes to make.

Happy Friday, y’all!  We have some fun plans ahead, and I hope you do as well.


Philips XL Air Fryer

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6 thoughts on “Air Fryer Friday {Buffalo Pierogies}

  1. Buffalo pierogies?! How fun – we love everything buffalo here, so I’m sure they’d be a hit. I’m intrigued with the air fryer. I’d never even heard of them until you posted about them.

    Hope y’all have a fun holiday weekend! xo

  2. Keep the air fryer recipes coming! We also got one at the end of summer break and would love to find more easy recipes for it. Any thoughts on sauces to use other than buffalo?!?!

  3. Did you boil the pierogi before placing in the air fryer? If not, should I thaw frozen ones befor placing in the airfryer?

    1. I put them in frozen! One thing I’ve learned is that if you want to brown things like these or potstickers just spray with some olive oil when your have a minute or two left on cooking time.

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