Hurricane Irma

Much of the Southeast has been on hurricane watch for what seems like a lifetime.  My parents safely made it to Atlanta Friday morning, but the change in Irma’s path should spare Savannah the worst, I hope.  It seems they will be worse off hunkered down with us in Atlanta now.  Speaking of Atlanta, I can hardly believe that school was cancelled across North Georgia both Monday and Tuesday.  Wow!  I now fear the weather ahead must be worst that I had thought.

My aunt, uncle and cousins in Tampa thought they were in the clear and did not evacuate.  They are bracing for the worst tonight and I would appreciate thoughts and prayers on their behalf.

I have stayed in contact with friends and family in South and Central Florida over the last couple of days and so appreciate knowing they are safe AND hearing their first hand accounts of the storm.  I feel like the real people living this are so much more reliable than some of the things I’ve seen on the news.

Stay safe out there, and share what things are like in your neck of the woods, if you’d like!  <3



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  1. Yes! Glad your folks are here. We will get high winds and lots of rain (be sure everything on your porch and outdoors are secure), as the east side of the storm usually gets a lot of wind. We are hosting my cousin and his family from Ponte Vedra. An insta friend posted on IG, lots of wind and rain around 11 am, just recently rain, wind is picking up BUT it has not arrived yet. Prayers for all in the path of the storm. Still seeing clean up pics from Harvey!!
    And, I think the schools got a lashing after the snow disaster and airing on the side of caution.

  2. Being just outside Houston, I understand your fear of the weather being worse than you thought. We had no idea what Harvey was going to bring Houston. My area was fine but my brother’s house had 3 ft of water in it for a week. A week!! Luckily it has since been emptied out and all the sheetrock and floors stripped out. I gathered up all their beautiful antique furniture in hopes to save it. It will hopefully, soon be turned over to someone who can save it. It has been a hard few weeks down here. But alas, life goes on. Houses can be fixed and new furniture can be purchased. I’m grateful my brother and his family are safe and sound, and that they were able to find refuge at our house. Will be praying for all of your family and friends enduring Irma right now, and praying it is weak when it gets to Atlanta. Hang in there!

  3. When you consider that Governor Deal has declared a state of emergency for the ENTIRE state of Georgia, I’m not surprised school was cancelled. Add to that we’re under a tropical storm warning and there will be a tornado warning by tomorrow. I’m thankful they got on with it instead of waiting until tomorrow! At 2pm tomorrow, winds are supposed to be 40mph sustained with heavy rain – not a safe environment for anyone to be driving in if it can be helped. And of course, the worst to come for us will be during the night tomorrow. So while it’s nothing compared to those in the direct path of the hurricane, it’s definitely nothing to take lightly, right? ?

    So happy to hear your parents arrived safely, and we are praying for your family, all others affected and all of us in Georgia who are generally unprepared for the kind of weather we’re about to be faced with. Stay safe! xo

  4. SO glad your parents made it to you safely. I’m in Upstate SC and it fairly cloudy right now. We had some wind earlier today but now everything is quiet–really, really quiet. No birds, no squirrels, nothing moving in the woods behind our house. I think all the wild things have hunkered down for the storm. Our schools are closed tomorrow and it’s a wait and see for us on Tuesday. Forecasters are saying damage here will be similar to that of an ice storm.
    Enjoy having your family close and prayers to everyone still in this storm’s path.

  5. I live inland in north Miami-Dade county and we have had about 18 hours of intense wind and rain. Every now and again flying debris hits the boarded up windows or the door. Thee are reports of downed power lines, trees, and damaged roofs. There is a curfew in place to prevent bodily harm and vandalism. We haven’t had power since this morning, but we are about 1of 300,000 families with no power in Florida. Thank God that we prepped for the worst, but were spared of the brunt of the storm.

  6. We were in Atlanta for the game Saturday and saw many cars heading north on our way to our vacation home in Murray County. We headed back to Alabama today and as you said, Schools are out here tomorrow and Tuesday. Some of our Savannah relatives left and some stayed to tough it out. My sister in law who lives in Big Pine Key Florida, wisely evacuated and it seems their key really got hit hard today. Who knows what they will find when they are allowed to go back home. My heart aches for so many displaced people.

  7. Hurricane Irma has certainly had a mind of its own! One minute, its coming up the east coast the next the middle of Florida and then at the last minute it decided to head west.

    We were in Florida last week and spent several glorious days at Siesta Key in Sarasota. We were scheduled to go on a cruise out of Tampa to Key West/Cuba. Then Irma decided to move in on Cuba. We knew we would be safe on the ship and out of harms way as cruise ships move around storms but we weren’t sure what we would be facing post-cruise Saturday morning in Tampa as we were driving from VA.

    Since we took a “cancel for any reason” travel insurance policy through AAA, we called our agent and decided to cancel for safety concerns. As a travel coordinator, please advise your clients the importance of taking out travel insurance when they book a trip. You just never know! Glad your parents are safe and pray that your family in Tampa doesn’t have any damage.

  8. Your family is blessed to be safe and together. I am glad for all that have been sparred the worst of it and I hope you got through it all with minimal stress. May your parents be safe when they head home.

    It was a long and horribly scary night for my brother, in a hotel in Kissimmee, and other family members in Tarpon Springs. They said the winds were absolutely unbelievable. My brother stayed safe in a bathroom, protected by three separate doors, and said it was still quite noisy. The banging, powerful gusts, tornado and flash flood warnings were extremely stressful.

    Luckily, he only lost power a few times and I was able to communicate with him during the night. He only slept periodically for a couple of hours. Finally, it eerily passed.

    We are continuing to pray for all others who are affected by this and appreciate all the prayers we’ve had. We hope everyone’s lives will soon return to normal. God bless you.

  9. One last thing… please be sure to always ask what emergency plans are in place at your hotel. And, if you get the chance, plan according to their hurricane/earthquake rating. If it’s an emergency situation, ask if they are waiving their pet policy and fees. The End. ;-)

  10. I am so glad you posted this update, your parents were on my mind this weekend! I’m very glad they are safe in Atlanta with you. Praying for all in Irma’s path!

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