I Love {Zoe’s Kitchen}

Okay, so I might be the last person on the planet to fall in love with Zoe’s Kitchen.  I have had one nearby for a while now, but just never thought to go there and didn’t really know the “thing” to order.  Well, I saw their new bowls in an ad this summer and my mouth literally started watering.

This has got to be the “thing” to order!   I get the Mediterranean Salad Trio bowl with chicken and it includes pesto farro, zesty quinoa and orzo “tabouli” salads with house-made tzatziki, Italian salsa verde, feta, cucumbers and fresh dill.  There are two other bowls as well – the cauliflower rice bowl and power grain bowl – but I love the salad trio so much that I’m scared to even try the other two.  It is kind of pricey so that is the only thing holding me back from making this a weekly occurrence :-)

It is now 11:37 and I SO wish I had this for a midnight snack right now…



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14 thoughts on “I Love {Zoe’s Kitchen}

  1. That bowl looks delicious – there’s one that I pass in Athens twice a week, but I’ve never even thought to try it. xo

  2. There’s one in the nearby “big” city that I’ve never had the notion to try, thanks for the heads up and the selection idea!

  3. The bowl you ordered looks yuumy! My oldest son & I tried it out this past summer. We enjoyed it, but thought a lot of $, but you are paying for healthier alternatives to FF.

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