The Place {40×41}

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve shared an update on this.  Slowly but surely I’m finishing (or finally sharing) the remaining items on my 40×41 bucket list.  Today we’re crossing off #19: Become a regular somewhere (a place where I will go every week and they know me and I will go there for years and years).

After hopping around coffee shops, shops and local restaurants and trying SO hard to find a place that I loved being, I realized a long while back that the little nail salon around the corner is “the place”.  (lovely, unstaged, unedited photo to follow…. I wasn’t going to ask anyone to pose for my silly post/picture)

The lady that owns it, Holly, is funny, kind, authentic and extremely hard working.  She knows me by name when I call and always makes me feel right at home the moment I walk through the door.  Her mother and husband both work along side her, and her precious daughter is often there playing or napping.  I don’t go every week, or even every other week, but every time I walk through that door I feel welcomed and valued and even loved.  It isn’t fancy and it isn’t even a local “best of”, but it is a place I look forward to going very, very much!




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5 thoughts on “The Place {40×41}

  1. YES!!! Any business that knows you by name, or graciously asks about your family has my business! Glad you have your little neighborhood nail salon.

  2. So happy you found your place! Whether it’s “fancy” or not, it hits all of the points you were looking for, and that makes it perfect! xo

  3. Oh my gosh, so funny! My “place” is a nail salon right around the corner from my house, in my little town, and the owner’s name is Holly. She always has a big smile and she always calls me by name, even if it’s been six weeks since I was last there! These are people who know the value of hospitality and friendliness! Sounds like we both lucked out!

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