Up with the White and Gold

We spent our Labor Day with the best of friends tailgating and cheering on the Yellow Jackets at our home opener versus Tennessee.  We met up with our crew hours before kickoff at a Gameday Hospitality event.

We were all so excited to see Atlanta’s brand new stadium!

It was ahhh-mazing inside.  And stadiums aren’t something I’m particularly passionate about.  :-)  One thing I loved were these cool bubble/foam things that floated up to the ceiling.  See the GT?!

We met up with the B family after the tailgate and watched the game from the field on the 50 yard line in the VIP club.  It was sooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!  Honey was literally beside himself with glee.

Inside was equally as well done.  Again, the new stadium is pretty top notch.  I figured I had to take the opportunity to fully live it up because I don’t imagine making it back down here any time soon :-)  We had cocktails, Antico pizzas for dinner and Sublime donut sundaes (yes, you read that right) for dessert.

It was the most fun we’ve had at a football game in a loooong time and we didn’t even manage to win.  (The way this game went down is so typical for Tech.)  All lame losses aside, it’s Up with the White and Gold, Go Jackets, T-E-C-H, I’m a Ramblin’ Wreck, and To Hell with Georgia around here for the next few months!!!!

Oh, and I’m totally with Elsa feeling like this after a long day and late night…



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19 thoughts on “Up with the White and Gold

  1. Ah! Looks like a kid-free outing?!

    Two things:
    -have you tried the Costco pre-cooked bacon in the air fryer? If so please share. Currently using toaster oven and am curious if that space hog is worth the real estate. Alton Brown approved you think?;)

    Also – hub was seconds away from dropping $600 on Ds’s new mattress from one of the many bed in a box companies. I immediately got him onto DD to check out yours. Needeless to say we went with yours. I am only sorry he bought from via his phone and not DD link. Thank you for sharing your review!

    1. Yes! Kid free! You know, I have not tried it in the air fryer. I did think about it but it only takes 2 minutes in the microwave. Also, the air fryer is totally a space hog so I def would not get for the sole purpose of bacon. HA. Happy to hear about the mattress!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a way to kick off the season! We’re UT fans (by default – I myself proclaim no college football loyalty, but the family is several generations deep in Tennessee grads) so it was all smiles around here! The new stadium looks amazing! Glad you had an awesome time! xo

  3. We were there cheering in the VOLS. What a great stadium! We stayed at the Embassy Suites and walked. Couldn’t have enjoyed our weekend in Atlanta more. GO vOls. GO Tech!

  4. The stadium is ahhhmazing! Too bad the roof still doesn’t work. Of course, we were pulling for UT. What an ending. Poor Henley’s first football season. Wasn’t sure what to think about all the screaming at inanimate objects.

    1. I know! I would have loved to see the roof open. Elsa is so used to insanity with her two brothers that she fares well in chaos. She seems nervous when all is quite. HA!

  5. Y’all look so cute!! We love to tailgate and grew up GT fans, but now are Clemson diehards! Sorry about your loss – what a game! If you happen to come see your jackets play in Death Valley, we would love for you to come by our tailgate spot close to the stadium! Or better yet, just come to tailgate and watch the game on TV with me:) Hope the school year continues to go well for your sweet boys!

    1. I would LOVE that!!! We very rarely hit away games just because of our fall sports but I will absolutely keep that in mind.

  6. My son went to the FSU/Bama game on Saturday and was blown away by this stadium, too!! He also could not believe how reasonable the concession prices were and that you could refill your coke for free!!

  7. My husband and I were there for the game, too! We live in Chattanooga and are big UT fans, but I graduated from Ga Tech, so of course I was pulling for them. It was SUCH a fun game! And, we agreed that the new stadium was awesome!

    1. We went with a mix of GT and UT fans. My friends’s mom had the cutest shirt that her girls made – half of the GT and half of the T and it said “mom divided”. :-)

    1. It was great!!! I still have Rocky Top stuck in my head. I accidentally sing it and Honey keeps saying “too soon” and “still too soon”. :-)

  8. We’re from Missouri and are new GeorgiaTech fans. Our daughter is a freshman at GT and her first football experience was at that game. She said it was cool. We saw the stadium being built last summer when we were in Atlanta to tour the campus. We checked it out again when we were in town to drop off our daughter. I hope some day we can go to a game there.

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