Easy DIY Pluto & Goofy Costumes {Free Download Cricut T-Shirt Design}

I have a very long story to tell about how this whole thing came about…. Whit and I are taking Elsa to a dog Howloween party tonight.  And last night he asked if we could dress up as Goofy and Pluto because “Elsa would love that and so would all of her friends.”  I literally had one hour to pull this together and it turned out super cute and was extremely easy.

You can find the Pluto and Goofy hats at shopDisney.com.  We got ours in the parks years ago and already had them on hand.

For the Pluto shirt you will need…
Yellow tee – I picked this up at Michael’s on sale
Green iron on vinyl – I use  Siser Easy Weed Heat Trasnfer Vinyl
Gold iron on vinyl (for authenticity purposes, I should share that Pluto’s tag in the parks is actually silver)
Black iron on vinyl

Now, I have separated the three pieces into separate files.  There are other blogs out there that give detailed instructions if you aren’t familiar with how to use thse with your machine.  A few tips for the Cricut:

  • You will want to right click on these pics and save as PNG or JPG files.
  • Go to upload files in the design space to use these.
  • There is a new step in the process now where you have to use a little wand to remove things like the cut outs in certain letters (a’s, o’s, p’s) and the dog tag and the space around the collar.  It took me forever to figure this out.  If you don’t do this it won’t let you make a Cut version.  You will know you missed this step if the Print then Cut shows up fine and the Cut shows up as a gray box.
  • Speaking of which, be sure to choose the Cut versions of these (not print then cut) when saving.
  • For an adult small shirt, I sized the collar piece to be 11″ wide and then scaled everything else down proportionately.
  • Be sure to cut these as mirror images since you are using vinyl.
  • The vinyl goes shiny side down on the sticky mat.
  • Iron on the green first.  Then the gold.  Then the black letters.

The collar should be sized at around 11″ for this adult small sized shirt.  I laid it out on the shirt and then clipped off the two corners at the seams before ironing on.

Moving right along… for Goofy I already had an orange printed Halloween shirt that I wore backwards.  I know…. but a girl only needs so many orange shirts in her wardrobe.  Besides, my handy vest covered that up.  I bought a size up black tee also at Michael’s to make the vest.  I cut off the sleeves and neck first.  Then I cut an opening in the front to make it a vest.  Took two minutes and worked like a charm.  Goofy wears blue pants (jeans) and brown shoes (uggs).  I added a green tassel necklace from the Dixie Delights Shop in a nod to his silly green hat.

Elsa’s harness is another long story.  Whit asked to get this $40 Mickey ensemble for her daily when we were in Disney last month.  Honey said no every time.  Well the one time the two of us were in a store alone he gave me a proposal about how Elsa really wanted this and he would help pay for it as her Christmas gift AND it could be his one souvenir from the trip.  So… I just bought the darned thing.  Honey came in as we were checking out.  haha!  Anyway, when this party came about I told him that we really didn’t need to buy another costume (that, based on experience, she would not wear) so I proposed that we give her the gift early.  He was in agreement.  Anyhooo… this harness is also on  shopDisney.com .  The Minnie version (which I tried to talk him into to no avail) is also available and is totally adorable.

Tips for Cricut Cutting Files

A few tips for the Cricut:

  • You will want to right click on these pics and save as PNG or JPG files.
  • Go to upload files in the design space to use these.
  • Choose the Cut versions of these (not print then cut) when saving.

Tools I Use

  • I have the Cricut Explore Air 2 and really like it.  Once upon a time I had the first iteration of a Silhouette and they have come so far since then.
  • Mother and Daddy-O gave me the Cricut Easy Press for Christmas and it has been so nice and convenient.  I love that is is small and easy to store.  It seems to adhere the vinyl to the shirts so much better than the iron does.  I need to get a heat safe mat to put down under it because it really only works on a solid flat surface, not on the ironing board.
  • I like the  Siser Easy Weed Heat Transfer Vinyl for iron on projects.

Stay tuned for the full party report!

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4 thoughts on “Easy DIY Pluto & Goofy Costumes {Free Download Cricut T-Shirt Design}

  1. He gets to me every time. Whit is one of those children that I wish could stay little forever….but I know he’ll always be young…just like his Mom. :-) Adorable story…about Elsa’s costume too.

  2. Adorable, and so smart – I would’ve been in a panic trying to come up with costumes on such short notice! I’m sure Elsa was delighted – and I know Whit was! xoxo

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