It’s been a few weeks since a musings…  here goes!

General Mills sent us these new Pumpkin Spice Cheerios.  The boys have been LOVING them for breakfast and I have enjoyed them on top of my yogurt in the morning.  Def good for changing up the routine.

When we got back from Disney, I was sick as a dog and my car broke down on the way home from the airport.  Fun times.  HAHA!  I was afraid we’d have to buy a new one, but the Jeep is hanging in there for a little while longer.

Speaking of our trip, we got this email from Elsa.   Whit was literally over the moon.  He promptly wrote back.  One thing led to another and now I have been roped into taking the two of them to a dog Halloween party.  You read that right.

She’s not all good and sweet.  I came down to find this the other day.  Needless to say, the bacon was gone.

GT is once again the #4 engineering school in country! And our major (industrial engineering) has held on to the #1 spot since we started!!!   Proud to be a Yellow Jacket!!!

John told me the other day that he feels like I don’t spend much time with him lately. And, as much as it hurts to admit, he’s right.  A lot of things have contributed but primarily his school and sports schedules leave him with free time when I’m already exhausted from the day.  It felt SO incredibly good to take him to breakfast this morning – just the two of us.  We studied and talked and had a rather good time.  :-) As an added bonus I can now tell you every minute detail of climates, natural resources, and land features in Europe and how they effect trade.  I used to think the days were long and the years were short. It seems like the minute he hit middle school the days became short and the years even shorter.   Hold on tight – it’s a wild ride!

This is my fave Trader Joe’s meal.  I shared it here but now we add gyoza from the air fryer.  So good!

Whit is getting a painting of Elsa for his forever gift this year.  The artist shared this and I am so in love. I don’t know how I’m going to keep this hidden for three months!

I hope y’all have the happiest Friday!  We have some sports but nothing much else on the agenda.  I’m hoping to hang some pictures in John’s room and maybe cook a good dinner on the egg.  Mmmm….



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11 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I just told a co-worker that adage this morning. He’d never heard it. My kids are 8 and 9 and some days are really, REALLY long (think homework and extra-curricular activities). But then when I look back at pictures, or videos, I can hardly believe they’re already 8 and 9!!! God really does have a sense of humor.

  2. Would you be willing to share the artist’s contact information please? I’d be very interested in getting a painting of our golden doodle for my husband as a Christmas gift. Thank you for considering.

    P.S. I love your blog! Have been following you for years. You are just adorable!

  3. Pumpkin Spice cheerios – who’d have thought?! Sorry to hear you’ve been sick (!), SO happy your car will keep going (we’re in the same shape but have already decided I’ll be getting a new one in February), Whit and Elsa will be the HIT of the Halloween party (and you’re an awesome Mama!), and Mama, you are right… the days will only continue to pick up pace. ❤ Whit will absolutely love this forever gift, I just know it!

    Enjoy your weekend! We’ll be at a baseball field in Dunwoody, which is a mighty long way from home to be by 730am! Much love! xo

    1. Sure! Both boys have birthdays in the month before Christmas. Many years ago we started giving them a “forever gift” to celebrate rather than a toy. They got plenty of toys from family and friends. We’ve tried to choose things that are meaningful or reflective of their year, age, interests or experiences. We’ve done mini oil paintings of Savannah, baby spoons in my sterling pattern and bronzed baby shoes to name a few. Last year John got his first nice watch. These aren’t the gifts they show their friends and chat about at school, but they do seem to recognize the value of them. I am sure there will be years where some of these things are packed away but our hope is that one day they might want to use them in their own homes. It works for now, maybe it won’t during the teen years (?) but I’m hopeful it will. :-)

  4. As the mom of two adult girls, I just want to say how impressed I am that your oldest felt like he could tell you that you weren’t spending enough time together! I think that says a lot about your relationship with both boys. My girls were always very verbal and car chats were some of the best times we had…I always volunteered to drive their “gang” wherever and learned so much by being the silent driver who appeared to be intent on the radio, the CD player, etc…While I do admire your sense of fashion, and your interior design skills, your skills as a mom are even more admirable!

  5. I always enjoy your Musings posts!

    Hope you’re feeling better – tough way to end a trip.

    What a wonderful gift for Whit! He will surely love it. I think your forever gifts are wonderful ideas. I am wondering if your parents did this for you and your sister. You have many lovely traditions and I would be curious (as a mom of daughters) what keepsake gifts you received and treasured from your parents!


    1. Beth, you are so sweet! My parents did not do this. I always had a very specific wish list. Of course, we didn’t have birthdays right on top of Christmas or a large family that doted on us with gifts. My favorite things I have from my parents are a gold child-sized bracelet, a few other pieces of jewelry, and then a variety of things they have given me as an adult.

      1. Amanda,
        Thanks for answering! Yes, jewelry always makes a great gift for girls!
        So happy you share so much with your readers!

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