Miracle Bar {Atlanta}

Imagine the jolliest, most Christmas-y place full of lights, presents, wrapping paper, music, movies and cocktails that you can conjure up in your mind’s eye…

… okay, do you have it?

Well, it exists.  Aaaaandddd…. I WENT THERE!!!!  Hahaha!

Last year, Miracle Bar became Atlanta’s first Christmas themed pop up bar.  I never made it in 2016, but it was at the top of my list for 2017.  Well, this year they upped the ante with a second larger location in Buckhead, Miracle 2.  And, much to my delight, it was everything my sugarplum dreams were made of!

When you arrive at Miracle Bar, all of the windows and doors are covered and, while you are carded and wait for the bouncer to radio inside for availability, all you can hear are Christmas tunes wafting out from inside while you get this little peek through the “snowy” glass door.

I’m pretty sure we squealed when we made it inside.  It is just SO darn festive and happy that you can’t help but SMILE!!!

The cocktail menu is completely Christmas themed.  The crowd favorite was the Christmapolitan but I also enjoyed the  Muletide.  They serve a small selection of beer and wine as well, but in my opinion, at least one Christmas themed cocktail is a must in a Christmas themed bar.

We had the most festive girls night underneath the twinkle lights, singing Jingle Bells, cheers-ing with Christmas cocktails, watching Rudolph in the background and chatting for hours on end.

If you go (and you should):

  • The Buckhead location is much larger than the original on Monroe.
  • The bar is only open from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve, from Wednesday through Sunday nights.
  • Miracle Bar opens at 5PM.  Go early!!!  They do not take reservations and by 5:30PM on a rainy, random Wednesday night nearly every table was gone.  I’ve heard stories of lines wrapped around the block.
  • They do serve snack type foods so if you are looking for a meal, plan to do that before or after.  I highly recommend the Chex Mix and we also really enjoyed the potatoes!  If you order cookies you get to decorate them!!
  • This is a bar and you must be 21 to enter.

Add this one to the Christmas bucket list for sure!!!!


Miracle Bar Atlanta


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2 thoughts on “Miracle Bar {Atlanta}

  1. How fun! I’ve never even heard of this – and I won’t be making it to Buckhead this year – but I’m definitely adding it to my list for next year! xo

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