Reindeer Games {Free Printable Christmas Party Games}

We spent much of our Christmas Eve afternoon in a friendly, family competition of Reindeer Games!

We paired off at random into five teams – 4 with an adult and a child and 1 with the last two adults.  Our only rule was that you couldn’t be with your own parent.  BUT… Daddy-O and I slipped through the cracks as we paired off :-)

We had 8 different events.  Some were just set out for teams to come and do on their own time.  Others were done in groups or at set times.  My Reindeer Games file at the end of the post has all of the details!

There was the Snowman Story…

Jingle Bell Stack…

Oh Christmas Tree… which was HYSTERICAL to see these two figure out how to bend every rule on…

And Candy Cane Pick Up, just to name a few…

It was a fun way to spend our night at home.  Mother and Daddy-O squeezed in some meal prep, we took breaks for Hallmark movies, we laughed, hollered and had a jolly good time overall.  And, if you’re wondering, Daddy-O and I – Team Dancer – were the champs of the first ever Reindeer Games.

  Reindeer Games Dixie Delights Free Printable File

The file contains score cards, directions, supplies, instructions and all the details for hosting your own Reindeer Games!

After sprinkling reindeer food on the lawn, reading Twas the Night Before Christmas and tucking the little ones into bed, it was finally time to kick off our annual adult wrapping party!!

Merry Christmas Eve!



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