Olympic Winter Games Kick Off {How to Make Colored Sugar + Rim Glasses}

For this week’s “Fun Friday”, a weekly get together in my neighborhood, we celebrated the 2018 Opening Ceremony with an Olympics themed event!  Everyone was charged with bringing some sort of themed dish AND to wear their best Olympics inspired gear.

I thought it would be fun to make sugar rimmed glasses in the colors of the Olympic rings.  It is really easy…

1. Put 1/4 to 1/3 cup granulated sugar in a zip top bag. Add in 4-5 drops liquid food coloring.  You can of course add more or less depending on the color vibrancy you are looking for.


2. Seal the bag, letting out as much as as possible.  Mix in the color with your hands through the zip top bag.  I demonstrated this on my Instagram, but you just rub it around and shake it until all of the clumps are gone.

3. Repeat for any other colors you need!  I made blue, yellow and green for the rings.  I already had black and red in my pantry.

4. Now, I have a huge tip on how to sugar the rims of glasses.  If you’ve ever tried to do this with water, lemon or a lime wedges, you will know that it doesn’t yield the best results.  Instead, fill a small saucer with light corn syrup and dip in that before dipping in the sugar.  It turns out perfectly every time!!

You can see the difference in the cup with water on the left and the cup with Karo on the right.  For the party, I rimmed the first set and then took over the saucers and cups on a tray for the girls to choose their color.  It would have been cuter to pre-rim all of them, but I figured that would take 5 trips walking back and forth to my neighbor’s house to transport it.

I had to scour my house to find this gem, but I eventually located my Olympic Dream Team jogging suit, used from 1992-1996 when Atlanta hosted the games!

We had Korean kimchi dip, meatalls and Soju, Columbian empanadas and plantains, Mexican chips and guac and Jamaican wings, to name a few.  The kids made Gold and Silver medal treats with oreos, fruit by the foot and food coloring spray.

But, best of all were the costumes!  We had the Jamaican bobsled team…

Nancy and Tonya…

The warm-up crew (mid-chew on a chip there)…

… and the ski team!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my neighbors?!  When I was at Coke, I always worked on Fridays and was never around for these events.  Whit and I have very much enjoyed that my new work-at-home schedule has allowed us to make so many new friends and new memories.   Until this school year, almost all of our local friends were made through John’s connections.  I think that is just kind of the way it works with the oldest.  It has been such a joy getting to know the younger kids and their moms. <3


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  1. This is such a FUN fabulous idea! It’s moments like this that I wish we lived in a neighborhood – I’d totally institute something like this. What an awesome way to kick off the weekend! xoxo

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