National Cereal Day {Magical Unicorn Lucky Charms}

General Mills is one of my very favorites to work with!  They always send the most fun and creative packages and I get so excited every time I come home to find one on the front porch.  Just this week, they sent the brand new and extra magical Lucky Charms with the NEW unicorn marshmallow, a second package for National Cereal Day, and a third for my birthday!!

National Cereal Day – March 7

As soon as I opened the Magical Unicorn Lucky Charms I knew there was one little girl in my life that had to have them.  As luck would have it, just two days later – on National Cereal Day – CeeCee came over to spend the day!


The Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

CeeCee was thrilled to have the gold horn (also sent by General Mills) and promptly told me her unicorn name is “Rainbow Rainbow Sparkles Confetti”.  Property attired, she was ready to dig in.  My boys LOVE The Never Soggy Cereal Bowl, and CeeCee was pretty smitten herself.  I have to admit, it does make for a more leisurely breakfast.

And, while the unicorns weren’t much more than a novelty to me, CeeCee helped me remember how differently little ones often see the world.  Only a child can turn an ordinary bowl of cereal into a few minutes of laughter, smiles and stories.

Also, I thought you should know that she couldn’t bear to actually eat the unicorn marshmallows.

Sister sent me this snap from the back seat of her car by the time she had arrived back home.  Be still my heart.

So, from the two of us to all of you, happy National Cereal Day!  :-)

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4 thoughts on “National Cereal Day {Magical Unicorn Lucky Charms}

  1. When did she get so big?! Wow. CeeCee is so darling and such a blessing for you. <3 Have a fun birthday weekend, Amanda!
    Happy Birthday!

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