Lucky Leprechaun St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast

I was up and at em bright and early to make a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast before heading off to Whit’s baseball game and John’s two lacrosse games.  We’ve grown out of leprechaun tomfoolery around here, but I’m thinking we’ll never be too old for some green waffles and good bacon.  :-)

I sent the boys these St. Patrick’s Day cookie cards (in the small boxes) to arrive while I was traveling this week.  Well…. they just went into the giant pile of junk mail – nobody was expecting cookies to arrive – so I ended up using them as little treats this morning instead.

I’ve had all of the tableware for eons so don’t really even have sources to share with you on that front.  I do pick up two small shamrock plants each year in early March.  I use them as table decor for a few weeks and then plant them in a mostly shady pot outside.  They do great straight through to the first freeze.   The mustache straws were from Target last year.

I used my favorite Krusteaz Belgian Waffle Mix and tinted it green with paste food coloring by Wilton.  I talked about this in my Instastories this morning, but I love using this food coloring because it doesn’t thin out icing and a little of it goes SO much further than the liquid kind in making vibrant colors.  There are tons of colors sold individually at Michael’s.  General Mills sent us the box of limited edition Lucky Charms with ALL shamrocks and Whit picked some of them out this morning to use as a topping on our waffles.

If you were following along in my Instastories this morning you are probably wondering where the shamrock “marshmallows” went that I was making for hot chocolate.  Weeellllll, some little people – not naming any names – used all of the hot chocolate without me knowing.  :-)

These days have been a lot of go, go, go, so it was especially nice to sit down and enjoy breakfast together this fine St. Patrick’s Day morning!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, y’all!!!

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