A Rainbow Unicorn Dance Party Birthday!

It just dawned on me this week that I never shared pictures from CeeCee’s Rainbow Unicorn Dance Party birthday celebration.  She thought of that theme all on her own!

Of course Sister out did herself making everything so perfectly festive for the occasion!

CeeCee and guests had such a FUN afternoon dancing their little hearts out.  It was absolutely adorable.

It’s hard to believe our family’s cherry on top is already FIVE!  Well, nearly five and a half by this point.

A face painter did most of the girls up with unicorn faces.  Whit and Jay opted for these creatures on their arms.  You know, a much more manly option.  Whit took great care to preserve them on his arms for school the next day.

At the end of the affair, the kids LOVED taking home these giant unicorn balloons.  Whit put his in the office and Elsa stood outside of the door to the room and barked at it for days.  :-)

Mother, Daddy-O and my family got CeeCee her first piece of “real” jewelry – a Pandora bracelet!  Mother’s jeweler cut it down a little to fit her.  We can’t wait to fill it up with charms over the years.

I can’t imagine a more “CeeCee” celebration that a rainbow unicorn dance party.  She had a ball!

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6 thoughts on “A Rainbow Unicorn Dance Party Birthday!

  1. I love this!!! I want a Rainbow Unicorn dance party for my birthday too!! So fun. You two always have the most creative parties. Just love it!

  2. Hip, hip, hooray!!! Thank you so much for this little peak into CeeCee’s magical celebration. What a great idea to have the Pandora bracelet cut down to fit. I’m sure CeeCee feels like a true princess now with her charms. Daddy-O & Marme don’t miss a trick!

    Sister, you outdid yourself with the cake, balloons and the purple bow and shoes! The volume of all the unicorns together was sensational and made for wonderful treasures to take home!
    It looks like a good time was had by all! <3 God bless.

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