Days to Summer Candy Countdown

We’ve been doing our “days to summer” candy countdown the past couple of weeks and are down to just a few measly pieces!

Every year towards the end of the school year I start packing a snack bag with one piece of candy for every day left in the school year.  Since John is buying his lunch this year I just leave his on the counter to have with breakfast.  (Yes, candy for breakfast.)

We use m&m’s but any small candy would work – skittles, gummy bears, etc.  Sweet summer will be here before we know it!

PS. Who’s watching the royal wedding?!


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2 thoughts on “Days to Summer Candy Countdown

  1. I also love all your memories you are creating for your boys!
    I also love that you are a REAL mom and not afraid to expose the REAL you! Hooray for candy for breakfast! a few M&M’s aren’t going to ruin your son’s life! Love it!

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