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If you’ve been hanging around here for a while, you will know that we give the boys “forever gifts” for their birthdays.  Since we squeeze in both of them within a month of Christmas, we learned early on that they were flooded with gifts that they didn’t really need.  So, they each get something that we hope they will have forever from Honey and me rather than another toy or game.  As they have gotten older in the last couple of years, we have added in a second gift that they want or have asked for since they aren’t having massive parties any more.

I first came across Brandon at Buckhead Art Studio when some of his Coca-Cola art came up on my Instagram feed.  I can’t find it now, but it was fun, colorful and so-Southern.  After poking around on his site, I saw that he did pet commissions and knew right then and there that a painting of Elsa would be the perfect gift for Whit!  I didn’t want anything too formal for this silly, independent, original type kid and Brandon’s style seemed like a perfect fit.  The process was simple – I filled out his commission form, took a picture of Elsa in the yard, told him the colors I definitely wanted and definitely did not want, sent him a picture of Whit’s room and then sat back and waited with bated breath to see what he would do.

When I got it, I could hardly stand keeping it a secret until Whit’s birthday.  He was SOOOO excited when he opened it!!

I also ordered a few prints of the painting so that John could have one.  I brought it as part of the party decor to Whit’s celebration.

And now, we have it hanging over his bed.  He says it is so much happier and cuter than the crab that was previous here (now in brother’s room).

I really couldn’t have envisioned something any more perfect for this kid or this space.  It makes the whole room so much more playful and so very “Whit”.

I highly recommend Brandon and encourage you to take a peek at his site.  He has such a great eye for pups and a few other fun things to boot.

I keep thinking about his Georgia Tech painting for the basement!  Of course, the boys are currently plotting to revamp the whole thing to be better suited to gaming and movie watching so I will just sit on that and see what they come up with.  I’m SURE it doesn’t involve new art.  :-)

Have a great week!

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15 thoughts on “I Love {Buckhead Art Studio}

  1. It turned out so precious!!! I love it! My husband and I are so crazy about our fur babies and I had a water color done of my husband’s Lab “Newt” that was one of our first babies. I’ve been looking for someone to do something similar for my first baby “Weber” (who lived to be 16) and our sweet Golden “Cooper”. Elsa’s painting looks just like what I envisioned. I’ll definitely check him out!! Thanks!

  2. He captured Elsa so perfectly! This is hands-down my favorite ‘forever gift’. xo

  3. My adult daughter actually cried when she opened her Brandon gift on Christmas morning. He is truly talented. I’m so glad I learned about him when he was doing Whit’s Elsa.

  4. Oh, that is just the cutest!! And Elsa is even on his website :) I am seriously considering a commission from Brandon. What size and style canvas did you choose? Thanks!

    1. I picked the 20×24 wrapped canvas. (When I went to check I noticed that they have gone up in price.)

  5. I have had this on my “to do” list for some time for our first dog, Scruffy, who passed right before Andrew was born. There is an artist over here that does the commissions and I keep wanting to do it but I haven’t taken the plunge. You are motivating me!

    That portrait came out perfect!!!

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