May Flowers for the Front Porch

And just like that May – the busiest month of the year around here – has arrived!!  I thought we’d never see sunny skies and warm days again with the chilly April we had.  But, alas, May came in gloriously today.  I’ve had my doors open while I work and the birds have happily chirped away since the sun came up.

Mother switched out my door hanger when she was here last weekend and I went out this morning to take pictures!  I just love the colors on this one and how cheery it makes our entry.

The flower basket is by Bronwyn Hanahan Art.  I’ve had it for a few year already and it has held up wonderfully – like the rest of my collection of her door hangers.

I also got my ferns planted before spring break.  The dogs are decked out in remnants of colorful ribbons I had in my craft drawer.

The grass has not quite fully greened up but it’s on its way!!

Happy May, y’all!  I think we will celebrate by having dinner on the porch tonight.  We scrubbed the final bits of pollen off last week and have really been enjoying it.

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4 thoughts on “May Flowers for the Front Porch

  1. The last few days have really been lovely, haven’t they? Always love your cheerful entry! Happy May! Xo

  2. I forget what type of ferns you use? Kimberly or another type? I’m debating using ferns in urns outside our front door.

    1. Wendy, those look like Boston Ferns… they are pretty easy to care for. You can usually get them at Home Depot or Lowe’s for about $12-$15. The only thing is that you HAVE to water them at least 3 times a week, or they will die. :) We have a wide front gallery/porch and we have them hanging all the way across the front of our house and we have managed to keep them alive usually 2-3 years as long as we water them regularly. Also, keep your eyes peeled both Wendy & Amanda for little bird nests… House Finches love to make nests inside the middles of ferns!

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