The Night Before Summer Vacation {Mystery Reader + A Treat}

I was so excited to be Mystery Reader in Whit’s class today.  And, while he was excited to see me, he was thrilled that his Daddy came too!!  The smile on his face was priceless.  I picked three of his favorite reads, plus an old favorite (The Night Before Summer Vacation) to read to the class.

Petlandia Story Books  |  The Night Before Summer Vacation
Liberty Saves the Day  |  Aaron & Alexander

For an extra special treat, I brought in these darling summer-themed treats for the class.

You start with vanilla instant pudding in punch glasses.  I got 8 servings out of 1 large box.  I tried to turn it blue like water, but it is hard with the yellow color of the pudding.  The third graders were totally fine with it :-)  Jello would be a great alternate but my kids prefer pudding over jello so I’ve been making them this way since John was in second or third grade.  I covered the tray with saran wrap and left it in the fridge over night.

After Whit left this morning, I scurried around to finish them.  I used rice krispies for the sand, an Airheads Sour Strip (cut) for the beach towels, a teddy graham and a peppermint puff beach ball.

Top it all off with a cocktail umbrella and your’e done.  The kids thought they were marvelous!

It is so hard to believe that another school year has nearly come to a close.  Both of my boys had great years and I can’t ask for anything more than that.


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3 thoughts on “The Night Before Summer Vacation {Mystery Reader + A Treat}

  1. These treats are so fun! So happy wveryone had a great year – we did, too but I’m always ready to welcome summer! xo

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