Boys Bathroom {Tile Selections}

The boys bathroom is quite small and I am hoping to make it look as large as possible with simple, timeless selections.  The choices I made for the master bathroom were my very favorites of everything we saw so I thought why use second choices just to have something different?!  These will look very familiar to you if you have already read about my tile selections for the master.  :-)

Floor Tile (also for shower floor)

Porcelain 12×12 Volakas Matte Hexagon Mosaic
$12.99 each
Laid with light gray grout (photo is of polished but we will use honed)

I fell in love with this tile for its marble look and the hexagon shape  This bathroom still has its original 1964 hexagon tile and I thought this was a nice nod to the room’s beginnings.  I will carry this tile straight through from the floor to the shower floor and also use it as a decorative inset for toiletries in the shower.

Shower Walls

4×10 Maiolica White Ceramic Tile
$0.89 each
Laid in a brick pattern with white grout

I loved this one so much because it is budget friendly but looks handmade with its texture.  It is so beautiful put together on a wall.  I will use white grout because I saw another display put together that way and the grout all but disappeared.

Project Selection List

Storehouse Construction

I thought I would go ahead and share the contact information for the contractor we selected since I’ve received a few questions.  So far he has been extremely responsive, has great ideas and is budget conscious.

Storehouse Construction, LLC
Jason Stanfield, Owner
[email protected]

I’ll continue to share project updates and selections as we go along!!

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4 thoughts on “Boys Bathroom {Tile Selections}

  1. Love the tile! What type of vanity are you doing? We are about to redo our kids bathroom and I’m really struggling with which direction to go. I like the white subway tile look for walls but want something bigger for the floors since it’s a small bathroom. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi! I found a vanity with a gray cabinet and marble counter that I’m planning to use. I decided to do a smaller hex on the floor because it has that now and I love it. If I did a large size I’d need probably 8 total tiles and thought that would look odd too. :-)

  2. Love your tile selections! It will look so beautiful when finished. I am wondering about the white grout, though…..What are your thoughts on keeping that fresh and white? I purposely chose a medium color grout for our bathroom floors and shower walls and wish I had gone even darker because, let me tell you, I struggle keeping it all nice and clean.

  3. I’m wondering the same thing about white grout!! We’re about to start selecting tile for our boys’ bathroom reno. I love (and want) a very similar white tile but am afraid of the upkeep of white grout. I’m sure you’ve got a plan and would love to hear your thoughts!

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