Experience Columbia SC {Soda City Market & Riverbanks Zoo}

John’s summer lacrosse team’s one road trip this summer was in Columbia, South Carolina again!  We were so excited to head back because there was one big thing on my bucket list that I didn’t get to last year – the Soda City Market – and we were thrilled to visit Riverbanks Zoo again!!

Soda City Market

Soda City Market happens every Saturday from 9 AM – 1 PM, rain or shine, and covers three full blocks in the city!  While John and Honey were up and at the field early, Whit and I decided to skip game one and spend our morning here instead.  We figured we’d catch enough lacrosse over the course of the weekend and we were not wrong.

The produce and flowers were so beautiful and picture perfect.  The prices seemed really good but, alas, we had no place to store these things on the road.

I got the tastiest honey haberno latte to start my morning.  Whit opted for fresh squeezed lemonade from another vendor.

We had countless samples and ended up splitting this avocado toast.  It had a tomato, cucumber, dill salad on top!  I will definitely try that at home.

We picked up a box of treats from Rosie Girl Bakery and every.single.bite was out of this world.  I am still thinking about her mini cake stacks!

We shared a bag of boiled peanuts.  Nobody in my family can resist them.  Daddy-O makes the very best I’ve ever had and these tasted almost just like his!

We also picked up kale and veggie bowls for lunch from another booth and were so happy to have those rather than hot dogs or dry sandwiches at the field (I tell you what, Whit is really my best buddy) .   Whit particularly loved the kid musicians and artists lining the streets of the market.  He was in awe of the Amazing Cube Kid who solved the mess Whit made of his Rubik’s Cube in no time.

We wrapped up our morning shopping in Mast General Store, which I do recommend as a fun place to shop!

Riverbanks Zoo

Over the course of our long weekend, Whit and I were also able to squeeze in another visit to Riverbanks Zoo.  (John preferred to swim with the team.)  It was just as clean, hands-on, HOT, and fun as last year and we’d go back again if we find ourselves in Columbia!

Highlights include feeding the birds…

The flamingos (so stinky but Whit loves them)…

“LOOK MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That flamingo is giving a piggy back ride!!!!!!!!!!!!”  :-)

The kangaroo walk about…

Feeding the giraffe…

…and the giraffe baby…

The ropes course…

a snack at Tuskers overlooking the gators…

… and the sea lions!

Even More Columbia SC

We did even more things in Columbia last summer that were just as much fun for a long weekend trip.  See these posts for more:

Friday Pre-game: University of South Carolina + South Carolina State House

Weekend Lax in Lex: Lacrosse tournament in Lexington

Sunday/Monday Post-game: Columbia Fireflies Game, Riverbanks Zoo, South Carolina State Museum

Happy travels!

Experience Columbia SC with Dixie Delights


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6 thoughts on “Experience Columbia SC {Soda City Market & Riverbanks Zoo}

    1. They were so cute and tasty. It was like she used a small maybe 2″ round cookie cutter to cut pieces of a layer cake. She stacked them with buttercream icing in between the layers!

  1. Cake stacks?! Whaaaat? Those sound adorable! Thanks for explanation…might need to explore that! Whit is too darn precious! ?

  2. Glad you enjoyed your visit to my city! Columbia has come a long way since I’ve lived here with additions to downtown including Mast and Soda City Market. It’s small for a capital city but that just makes it easier to get around and I love that there is very little traffic. Hope you can come back again sometime!

  3. What a fun way to round out a tournament weekend – I’d have chosen the market, too! So much to see! xo

  4. I’m so glad y’all were in Columbia again, but hate we didn’t get together. You enjoyed more of my favorite places; I love that Columbia has Soda City on Saturdays. So much fun. I worked at a law firm on Main Street for 10 years and sometimes miss being downtown.

    Take care and hope to see you soon.


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