Master Bathroom {Vanity, Counters & Fixtures}

On the heels of finalizing our tile selections last week, I quickly nailed down the vanity and counters.  I’ve also chosen the fixtures, but those were a bit more hemming and hawing!  My contractor reviewed all of my sink and shower fixtures and gave them his seal of approval before ordering.

Vanity Cabinets

We are doing a custom 9′ vanity with a full drawer / cabinet overlay (so you don’t see much of the frame behind the doors) in a light gray color.  I chose one with a traditional and slightly decorative wood trim, but with a flat panel door in hopes that it won’t get too busy looking.  We will each have a drawer stack, as well as cabinets under our sinks.  The sink areas will be bumped out a couple of inches to add interest.  Between our sinks, rather than a knee drawer I am hoping to do a small makeup drawer and a cabinet to store a trash can.  (ie. Elsa proof)    I *think* I’ll do rectangular sinks but we haven’t gotten that far.

We will also have an 84″ tall linen cabinet built in to match.  I debated finding a piece of furniture to use as a linen cabinet and decided that it would be easier to fit the space just having one done now.

Here you can see the cabinet choice, with the counter and floor:


This was the first thing I chose for the project and the jumping off point for everything else.  It is quartz – Cambira Berwyn.  My parents used it in their recent bathroom reno and it is gorgeous.  It looks almost like oyster shells and has wonderful glittery flecks throughout.  My contractor said this was an expensive choice but I assured him I would cut back on anything else BUT this counter.  :-)

All of the tile with counters and cabinets….

Sink Faucets

After much debate with Mother and Sister, I decided to go with polished chrome fixtures.  I realize that people have strong feelings around these things (polished or not, chrome or nickel, this one spots, that one is to harsh, etc.) and so I just picked one and went with it.  The previous owners put this exact faucet both in my powder room and guest bathroom and I love them.  They have also not given us any trouble in 9 years, so that is valuable insight.

Delta Chrome Cassidy Widespread Faucet

Image result for Delta 3597LF-MPU


Shower Fixtures

I never thought I could love a shower head, but this one is a beauty.  I didn’t set out to find a matching suite of fixtures, it just so happened that this one that went with the faucets was love at first sight!

Delta Chrome Cassidy TempAssure 17T Series Dual Function

Project Selection List

Storehouse Construction

I thought I would go ahead and share the contact information for the contractor we selected since I’ve received a few questions.  So far he has been extremely responsive, has great ideas and is budget conscious.

Storehouse Construction, LLC
Jason Stanfield, Owner
[email protected]

I’ll continue to share project updates and selections as we go along!!

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12 thoughts on “Master Bathroom {Vanity, Counters & Fixtures}

  1. We have always used Delta products with great success. They will be going into our new place, too. And…..I always go with chrome. I think it is the least trendy of all of the finishes, and like you, we are going for a timeless look.

  2. I love the choices and I went with chrome at our vacation home because my contractor suggested it. He shared that his wife had picked the “Fancy” Finishes in their home and he has replaced them several times due to wear!! I know how long you have waited to do this project and I am sure it will be lovely.

  3. I love all of your choices and I’m just so excited for you. I’ve been following your blog for about 6 years and I know how much you’ve wanted to do this renovation. You deserve it girl!! I hope it turns out as spectacular as you have it pictured in your mind. I can’t wait for the contractor to get started!

  4. It is really coming together, isn’t it? I love how the countertop looks like oyster shells; it is quite lovely, and so you! We’ve used Delta fixtures throughout our home, and we’re going on 11 years with absolutely no problems. Your choices are timeless and lovely – can’t wait to see everything finished! xo

  5. We had the same Cambria countertops installed in our kitchen a year ago. We love it
    Very coastal vibe but not too busy. I love your choices for master bath!

  6. We have gray cabinets + chrome fixtures in our master and I havent regretted it one bit!! Love your choices. It’s going to be beautiful!

  7. We are redoing our Master Bath and it has a lot of similarities. I’d love to know the paint colors you are using for vanity and bathroom walls. I am having THE hardest time figuring out paint colors!

    1. I honestly haven’t decided yet. Probably will go with white dove or pale oak (both ben moore). But, I need to see everything in there to decide!

    1. It was a stock color gray from the cabinet manufacturer. I’m sorry! I have on my list to try and color match it for y’all!

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