Adventures by Disney {Germany Day 1: Munich}

Guten tag!!  I am so excited to be writing to you from Munch this morning on day one of my Adventures by Disney Germany trip!


After a long and uneventful flight, I was met by an Adventures by Disney representative the second I passed through customs.  There were quite a few of us on the flight from Atlanta (all but me were connections) and we were led to passenger vans, our luggage was loaded up and we were on our way to the hotel before we knew it.  Once there, we were greeted by our two Adventure Guides and given a sweet little welcome kit with treats, city information, ponchos and a duffel bag.


We are staying at Hotel VierJahreszeiten Kempinski München,  centrally located in the heart of Munich, for the first three nights.  The hotel is beautiful and the rooms are quite spacious.



Along with my coworker and travel partner, Kaleigh, we ventured out on our own for the afternoon.  We knew if we headed to the room we would fall asleep and never get over the jet lag!  So, we headed off to the English Garten – one of the largest urban parks in the world dating back to 1789.

First things first, we found a lake side picnic table and enjoyed our first German beers and shared a pretzel.  When in Germany…

Next, we rented a pedal boat and went all around the lake.  Germany is having a heat wave and it was warmer today in Munich than in Atlanta!

While trying to decide our next move, a rickshaw *magically* appeared so we had him take us to see the legendary surfers!

We didn’t really know what to expect, but seeing the locals take on Eisbach Wave was incredible.  My boys would have LOVED this!!  The funniest were a couple of men with a giant inflatable rubber duck.  I would have been all over that if I had my swim suit :-)


After a quick rest back at the hotel, it was time to meet our Adventures by Disney travel group!  We did some introductions and toasted to an exciting and memorable nine days to come.

All Adventures by Disney itineraries will have a local guide, a Disney guide and then experts that come in and out based on the activities on the agenda.  Our local guide, Melanie, lives in Nuremberg and is personable and quite funny.  Our Disney guide, Alicia, grew up in Germany but lives in Honolulu and is equally as smart and entertaining.  Our local expert is Michael and he is absolutely one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met.  He’s a high school teacher, history buff, local to Munich and is eccentric, hysterical and entertaining.  I could rattle off hundreds of things about Munich after just a few hours with him!

These were just a few of my favorite stops on our tour…

Our guides got us to Glockenspiel, part of the Town Hall dating from 1908, just in time to see the last show of the day.  This incredible clock chimes and re-enacts folklore stories from the 16th century – a royal wedding, jousting tournament and ritualistic dance.

I loved the stories and beauty of the Theatine Catholic Church as well, built in the 1600s.  Our guide told us the story of the princess who, in prayer, promised to build a church if only she could conceive a child.  When her long awaited son and heir to the Bavarian crown was born she kept that promise and founded the church.  Many people today visit Theatine to light a candle in hopes of having their own children.

I think my very favorite part of our tour was when Michael quite literally walked us through many pivotal moments in the rise of the Nazi party.  He showed us pictures from the time and told us stories when we were standing in the exact spots.  It was important and meaningful and a walk I won’t forget.

Here we are standing in front of the Feldherrnhalle, the place where Hitler’s attempted putsch was defeated.  When he assumed power, Hitler had a massive bronze tablet installed here, containing a swastika for the “martyrs of the movement”.  A guard watched the memorial at all times and people were only permitted to pass if they performed a Nazi salute.

To avoid this ritual, many locals took a detour down Viscardigasse behind the Feldherrnhalle, which led to the alleyway being called traitors alley.  Today, golden cobblestones remember that time when people walked here only to avoid having to give a Nazi salute.


Our tour ended back at town hall with a wonderful Bavarian-style restaurant serving up traditional German fare.

Our family style dinner was delicious and spirits were high, with pints of beer and wine for all!

It was a marvelous first day in Munich!


At the end of our dinner, the guides gave us each our first day’s adventure pin!  As a pin collector, I cannot wait to see the rest of them each day of our trip.  This was the perfect Mickey Welcome!


Adventures by Disney are expertly planned and guided group tours visiting 35 destinations across 6 continents.  You can visit the world’s most iconic locations with Disney as your guide and your storyteller, and enjoy experiences, activities, dining and adventures in a way that only Disney can do.  This is not a theme park tour with Mickey Mouse and popcorn buckets.  These are trips around the world where you experience the service and VIP treatment that Disney is known for.  For more information, take a peek at my overview of what makes Adventures by Disney so special:

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We are headed to Neuschwanstein castle tomorrow – one of the stops I am most excited about on the itinerary!


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