Adventures by Disney {Germany Day 2: Neuschwanstein}

I’m back with my day 2 trip report on the Adventures by Disney Germany tour!!


Our day started with an incredible breakfast at our hotel, Hotel VierJahreszeiten Kempinski München.   This is honestly the best breakfast I’ve had in a hotel anywhere and I can’t wait to enjoy it the next couple of days!!  After breakfast, we boarded a motor coach to begin the journey to Neuschwanstein.


Our local expert, Michael, was on board our bus and gave us a guided tour through Bavaria.  He also told us the history of Neuschwanstein and the sad story of King Ludwig who built it.  I wish that I had the right words to convey what a wonderful storyteller he is.  I am just rapt with attention every time he opens his mouth.

After a short hike, we arrived at a suspension bridge with a wonderful vantage point of Neuschwanstein castle soaring high atop the mountain peaks of Germany.   If you look closely you can see that this was Walt Disney’s inspiration for Sleeping Beauty Castle, after visiting Neuschwanstein in the 1920s.

Don’t look down!

We made our way up the hill to the entrance of Neuschwanstein and it was like stepping into a fairytale.  While we did have an audio tour, our guide was on hand to point out so much more than we ever would have seen or learned on our own.  Pictures weren’t allowed inside but the castle was absolutely resplendent in original furnishings.  Its beauty was only offset by the sorrowful story of King Ludwig, told in fascinating detail by our guide.  After having toured so many replicas of originals in DC, Williamsburg and Jamestown, it was just remarkable to see such a wonderfully preserved piece of history.

Michael is not only a great storyteller, he is also hysterical.  Yes, he is also wearing lederhosen.

From the balcony of Newschwanstein we could see the Alps, Switzerland and Austria.  You can also see Schloss Hohenschwangau (the yellow castle in the bottom right) which lies just a short distance downhill from Neuschwanstein.  The lake on the left is Alpsee, where we spent our afternoon.

Here is a better look of  Schloss Hohenschwangau!  It reminds me of the castle emoji :-)


After our tour of Neuschwanstein, we had to option to hike down or board a horse-drawn carriage down the hill.


We were free to explore the Neuschwanstein area on our own after the tour.  Kaleigh and I were ravenous and returned to an idyllic spot we spied earlier in the day – Alpenrose am See.  We had flatbreads and beer and just enjoyed a perfect afternoon.

After lunch we changed into swim suits and spent our Saturday afternoon swimming in Alpsee, at the base of the Alps where Germany meets Switzerland and Austria.  It was stunning.  There is free time built into almost every destination on every Adventures by Disney itinerary and the guides are fantastic and providing suggestions and tips on what to do if you don’t already have a plan!

The water was chilly but SO refreshing.  Germany is having a heat wave and we felt like real locals with our towels spread out, cooling off in the lake.   It was bliss.


After a few hours, it was time to board our motor coach a for the journey back to Munich.  We are only two days in, but at the exact moment you feel like you just need something… be it a snack, water or piece of candy… I swear that one of the guides starts walking the aisles of the bus with a big bucket of local refreshments!

A little ways into our journey and one of our guides even gave us a lesson on making a swan origami!  We saw the swan all over NeuSCHWANstein Castle so it was a cute activity.  This is the Disney difference!!


We took a short break in our room and then Kaleigh and I headed out for an evening on our own in Munich.  We spent some time in Dallmayr perusing all of the fabulous meats, cheeses, desserts and teas, and tasting wine!

We wandered around the city for a bit and finally landed at the darling Cafe Luitpolt.  We didn’t understand the menu so we just ordered the 3 course meal for 2 Chef’s Choice.  It was fun and enjoyable and we had a great time.


At the end of our time with the group, the guides gave us the day two adventure pin!  It says Bavarian Beauty with a picture of Sleeping Beauty and Neuschwanstein.  I LOVE it!!


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I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s itinerary as well.  Stay tuned!


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