Adventures by Disney {Germany Day 5: Rothenburg}

We spent a lovely day in the charming town of Rothenburg.  After breakfast at the Hotel Eisenhut, we were off for the day in this fairy tale town, famous for its medieval architecture, colorful shops, window boxes and half-timbered houses.


For fun with a twist, we learned to make pretzels from the chef at the Striffler Bakery.  This is Rothenburg’s oldest bakery and is famous for making pretzels since 1644!  This was a special experience set up just for Adventures by Disney and was a whole lot of fun.  Making pretzels is harder than you may think!!


Kaleigh is a perfect travel partner for me because we don’t sit still for long!  Here’s how we spent our afternoon….

The city of Rothenburg has been entirely walled since medieval times, something we learned about on our Night Watchman tour.  We climbed the stairs to walk along a long section of the wall for pretty views!

We explored St. Jakob’s Church and found some really fun art!  At the base of the altar, you can see where the artist painted glasses on Matthew (3rd from right on bottom) in the 1400s.  The news of this new invention – spectacles – had just reached Germany and the artist immediately painted this amazing wonder into the work.  We also found the famed stained glass window where  angles are throwing pretzels to the Isrealites in the desert (3rd panels down from top)!

After a delicious lunch in Reichskuchenmeister we were off to the Town Hall Tower.  It wouldn’t be a day in this adventure if we didn’t find 300 stairs to climb!  This one was really steep and tight and we had to scurry up a ladder and through a hole in the floor to reach the observation deck.  It was worth it.  :-)

I loved the schneeballen for dessert and it was all over the bakeries!  Yum!!

It was another HOT day and we found respite in the fabulous Kathe Wohlfhart Christmas shop.  It has this WONDERFUL thing called air conditioning.  We had scoured every inch of the shop the day before and took our time again.  I chose the perfect souvenir from this trip… a Weihnachtspyramide, or Christmas pyramid.  They didn’t allow photos in the shop so I will show you when it arrives in Atlanta in approximately 3 weeks!!


We headed to the themed cellar in a medieval shop to dress up as knights, kings, queens and princesses.  It was really cute and something the kids would love!


We were all gathered as a group to enjoy the charming ambiance of Hotel Eisenhut’s gourmet restaurant and a fine dinner of authentic German cuisine.  Our sweet guides surprised us at the end of dinner with a Christmas ornament exchange!  It was a lot of fun.  The adults enjoyed dessert at the Eisenhut, while the guides took the kids out for ice cream!  After dinner, Kaleigh and I headed down an alleyway to the only bar in town for a glass of wine – Zur Holl, which translates “To Hell”.  :-)


Our Disney pin for today was Pinocchio with a pretzel.  So cute!


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We are on the road again tomorrow from Bamberg to Berlin!


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  1. This has been so fun to follow along on your trip! The pictures are beautiful and I cannot wait to see pictures of your Christmas pyramid when it arrives!

  2. What an amazing day – this really is something that you’ll remember forever! I’m so impressed by the special touches and tours you’re experiencing. Thanks for sharing with all of us back home! xo

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