Adventures by Disney {Germany Day 9: Traveling Home}

When I embarked on this adventure, nine days seemed like an eternity to be away from home and my family.  In hindsight, I am not sure I’ve ever had a more magical nine days on my own – ever!  :-)  I only regret that my family didn’t get to join me and look forward to planning our first adventure as a family!

My departure day started bright and early with a 6:45 AM time to meet my private transfer in the lobby.  For guests leaving this early, our guides even put together delicious meal bags for our travel.  It was just one more unexpected and wonderful gesture after a series of many.

My flight from Berlin to Paris was uneventful and short. My first thought arriving in Paris was that the airport has come a long way in the 20 years since my last visit.  That was quickly usurped by the fact that my flight to Atlanta was delayed by 1.5 hours AFTER they had us lined up to board the plane.

My flight home was equally as uneventful and really quite boring.  I booked with Delta but was sent Air France.  The plane was decrepit with no wifi, a horrid selection of movies and pretty bad food.  I was definitely spoiled flying Delta on the way to Munich and won’t make that mistake again!!!

Regardless, it was absolutely wonderful to see my boys and hug their necks.  And Elsa too, of course.  I arrived home with so many memories and stories to tell.  I am so, so thankful that I had this opportunity!


Our Adventure Guides handed out our final farewell pins – Auf Wiedersehen and hugs as we left the Regent.  Here is a full set of Adventures by Disney: Germany pins!


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5 thoughts on “Adventures by Disney {Germany Day 9: Traveling Home}

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your trip report each day. I do have one question… What made you choose this particular ABD trip? There are so many that it would be so hard to choose! ABD is def on my bucket list!

    1. It was a study tour so I was invited on this one!!! I would have gone on ANY and it was AMAZING!!!!!!

  2. Oh we had a similar Air France experience when we travelled to Israel earlier this year – Delta has definitely spoiled us!

  3. What an amazing trip this has been – and how I’ve loved following along! Thanks for taking us all along with you! xo

  4. What an amazing trip! One of my daughter’s good friends family was just assigned to Germany for a 3 year stint with the US Air Force. They invited us to come visit next summer and am looking forward to it even more after seeing your pictures and reading about your adventures!

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