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Just like that and school is back in session!!!  I know, I know…. we go back ridiculously early.  We do!  But, my kids know no different.  We get 10 weeks of summer and a couple extra week long breaks during the school year and we really do like the schedule.

Whit was all smiles headed off to fourth grade.  Since he heads off earlier than John, he’s done his first day pic with Elsa instead the last two years.

Speaking of which, one thing I DON’T love about our schedule is the different start times for elementary and middle schools.  But, nobody asked me :-)  We had two send-off breakfasts for one, starting with Whit.  Honey gets up and makes breakfast on exactly two school days a year – the first and the last.   A big 4 pancake for the fourth grader…

…and a 7 for the seventh grader.  John did humor me with a first day of school pic but said not to post it.  Fair enough.  :-)

I’m off to Germany tomorrow.  The last 5 days have been insane coming home from one trip, getting ready for school, catching up on work, and preparing to leave.  I’ve been channeling the “other” Elsa a LOT in the last 24-hours. The laundry? Let it go!  The dishes? Let it go! Pretty much every other non-essential thing not related to school or work? Let it go!  :-)

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2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Bon voyage, Amanda! I’ve spent a lot of time in southern Germany and the Black Forest and it was a fairy tale. Their Christmas markets are magical and I hope you see one some day. Have a fabulous journey!
    Here’s wishing everyone a great school year. ??? Backtracking a bit, the photo of you and Captain Mickey is adorable!!!!! That should be your signature photo! ?

  2. I’m glad the first day went off without a hitch! Can’t wait to hear all about Germany – hope you have the very best trip! xo

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