Monogram Towels for the New Bathrooms

I am so excited to share the monograms I’m using on towels for the new bathrooms.  They should arrive any day, but I was too excited to wait to share.  I’m using Gabi at The Preppy Stitch for these.  She’s a small business owner and single mom located in Marblehead, MA (and Nantucket in the summer!) and we have been virtual friends for years.  I love supporting moms and small businesses and working with Gabi has been a dream.

I first bought Fieldcrest solid white towels (hand & bath) in store at Target and then realized I should just order them online (Red card = free shipping + 5% off) and have them sent directly to her.  I know white towels are far from exciting, but I had a hard time finding fluffy towels for a good price and really like these.  :-)

What is exciting are these monograms!  We are using the interlocking AW in a light gray thread for the master bathroom.

And, for the boys bathroom this GORGEOUS monogram in black!!  They share a hand towel, so it will have just the W.

And then each of their bath towels will have their full monogram.  For Whit…

… and John.

These are really the last things to go in the bathrooms and then I will mark this project complete!  I will, of course, share the finished towels as soon as I get them.

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10 thoughts on “Monogram Towels for the New Bathrooms

  1. So for master bath towels and napkins, do you just use your personal monogram as opposed to a married monogram (w/both husband & wife initials)?? I have some napkins with just a single letter monogram for our last name, but I have wondered what (and whose) initials are proper to use if putting a 2 or 3 letter monogram on napkins???? I know you know these things :) Thank you so much.

    1. Hi MK, I lucked out in this area because my 2 letter monogram is AW (First and Last) AND our combined two letter monogram is also AW (my first and his first). So either works for us! I personally would do a joint monogram if I did a 3 letter on napkins or guest towels – that would be aWw (my first, our last, his first). I hope that helps!! Amanda

      1. Hey Amanda! I totally love the look of your 2-letter monogram. If I wanted to do something similar for a married couple on shared household items (like powder room towel, cloth napkins, throw-blankets for family room), what is proper in terms of the 2 letters I should use? Do we just go with the initials of each of of their first names? (I think that if it were a personal item like a cosmetic bag then it would be the ladies first initial and ladies last initial, but for shared household items for a married couple– should a TWO-letter monogram be the lady’s first initial and husband’s first initial? And if so, in what order? Sorry to buy you but I’ve even asked at the place where I was selecting the font & the lady said she had no idea, that she would do it whatever way I instruct her to (which doesn’t help b/c I don’t want to give a gift w/it done wrong). You are the queen of manners and monograms so I want to get your thoughts on a 2-letter monogram for a married couple on things like napkins or powder room fingertip towels? THANKS you !!

        1. Thank you so much! I would do each of their first initials. Ladies first :-) So, Her initial then His initial. Many of these 2 letter monograms are intertwined so you really don’t know who’s comes first. I hope that helps!!

          1. It helps so much! You are the queen of preppy design & southern etiquette — so now that I’ve heard it from you, I will proceed with confidence!!!! And BTW, I know you are busy so thank you so much for taking your time to answer!

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Those towels and monograms are just lovely! I was wondering if you could share the name of the script used in your monogram? I think it is the prettiest one I’ve seen, but I can’t find a replica anywhere.
    Kathy Jo

    1. Hi! The Preppy Stitch had the font already. It is the same as my “custom” monogram which I got long before you could get pretty monograms like this from small shops!!

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