Tulips in the Fridge

I spent all of last spring ogling Emily’s (Eleven Gables) gorgeous white tulips.  So much so that I put a reminder on my calendar to get  my own this fall!

I have 200 Colorblends White Cubed tulip bulbs (the exact variety Emily used) chilling in my fridge in hopes of a white spring.  There is still plenty of time to order and get them in the ground so I wanted to share sooner rather than later.  When you input your address they will give you suggested parameters on whether or not you need to chill, for how long and when they should go in the ground.

The big hurdle will be finding time to plant them but, with any luck, it will be worth it next spring!!


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3 thoughts on “Tulips in the Fridge

  1. Make sure you get a bulb planter, it doesn’t seem like it would but it really makes it go a lot faster.

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