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This giveaway is now closed.  Congrats to Stacy.  She wrote “I’m already subscribed! Our family loves to randomly bless our teachers throughout the school year with a little treat or lunch. My oldest also has a huge heart for those in need and we always do something like occ or angel tree during the Christmas season.”  Please email me with your mailing address!

If you’ve been around here for a while you will know that I have a great deal of love for the Christmas Jars book, story and “movement”.  This book touched me in a way that not many others have and we will give away our fourth Christmas Jar next month.

I encourage you to read the book as I cannot retell the story as beautifully as it has already been written.  But, the premise behind the Christmas Jar is that you contribute to it throughout the year.  Your pocket change (we exclude only pennies).  A few spare dollars.  And every time you do so, your spirits are lifted.  You don’t have to have a lot of extra money or time or experience and even the smallest children can contribute.  During the Christmas season, you anonymously give the jar to someone in need.  Some years ours has been a random person that we encountered during our day, and others it has been someone we noticed earlier in the year that could use a little extra love and help.

I usually wait until January to give away a copy of the book, but I know many are moving on from Christmas reads by then.

So, I have a copy to give away to one of you!!  The giveaway is open to US mailing addresses.  Leave a separate comment for each of the following and include your email address if you aren’t linked to a blog where I can find you.  There are TWO ways to enter per person!!

1. Sign up for the Dixie Delights email.  If you’re already signed up, just leave a comment saying so.


2.  Share your favorite idea for a random act of kindness.

I will pick a winner next week!

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24 thoughts on “Christmas Jars {Book Giveaway}

  1. Amanda,
    I already subscribe to your email!! I love doing random acts of kindness especially at Christmas time… One of my favorite things to do is to go into Starbucks sore really any coffee shop and I purchase a couple five dollar gift cards and I leave them at the counter. And then I tell whoever is working the register that the next few people there coffee is on me. It’s just a fun way to spread kindness!

  2. Our 9yr old is truly heartbroken by homelessness. He simply cannot stand to think of anyone without a home. So our regular, random act of kindness is to always give whatever we can when we see someone who is homeless and in need of help.

  3. 1) I’ve been a subscriber for several years! 2) Throughout the year, we routinely pay for people behind us in the drive-thru line…. Thank you for the giveaway!

  4. I’m already an email subscriber. I love random acts of extra kindness! My 17 y/o son loves to give away copies of “Love Does” by Bob Goff to anyone who hasn’t read it! My family of five volunteers at the food pantry at our church monthly. We also prepare meals for a local shelter that provides a home for hospital patients who are released and have no where to go. We also enjoy paying for a stranger’s meal or coffee in the drive thru behind us. Oh and I love that my son uses his money to pay for a teacher’s lunch several times a year. He has done this several years for several teachers and each one is always surprised by the gesture!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful thing–keeping the Christmas “feeling” alive all year long! I have subscribed and read your blog for several yearas now and still enjoy everyone! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family!

  6. I’m a subscriber. My daughter does a traveling bake sale. We make treats and sell them to the neighborhood. We then serve a meal at must ministries and give the money to a deserving family.

  7. I’m already subscribed! Our family loves to randomly bless our teachers throughout the school year with a little treat or lunch. My oldest also has a huge heart for those in need and we always do something like occ or angel tree during the Christmas season.

  8. (This may post twice…I hit enter before I was done). I’m already subscribed and we love to bless our teachers randomly throughout the school year with a little treat or lunch! My oldest has a huge heart for those in need and at Christmas she always looks forward to doing something like occ or angel tree (we change up what we do each year).

  9. As a family we love to pay it forward. So every time we go out to eat we will pick up the check for a random party. Weather it be an elderly couple, a police officer, military family, or a single parent just trying to get by we truly enjoy covering their meals for no other reason than to be kind. It’s our way of spreading a little love to others.

  10. My idea for a random act of kindness is one I wish I would have done earlier this year when I had the chance. Once a month, I visit a Publix grocery store that is not near my home but is near one of the social group meetings I attend regularly. Since I always bring cake and ice cream for that month’s birthdays, I stop at Publix on the way. Well, I repeatedly saw a man (I suspect he was homeless) and his sweet dog. The dog looked very similar to my own dog, and her name was Gypsy. A few months ago, while I was on my way, I decided that that day, if I saw them, I would buy a bag of dog food for Gypsy. Unfortunately, I did not see them and have not seen them since. If I ever seem them again, Gypsy is getting some food and treats!

  11. Someone in front of me in the drive thru recently paid for my Carmel apple spice drink. It absolutely made my day! We are usually on the giving end of things and not a recipient of random act before. I was overwhelmed with gratitude. Love your site! I have been a subscriber for several years and I am the Mom of a 11 years old boy! Blessings to you on the anniversary of the loss of your baby coming up soon, sending you a hug!

  12. Long time reader and subscriber! We purchase a honey baked for the holidays. I randomly give a gift card to someone standing in line with us.

  13. I already subscribe and would love to read this book. I belong to a group of ladies that make premie gowns and angel gowns for babies born in our local hospital. We have also made pillowcase dresses for the Samaritan’s Purse.

    1. The gown I received from someone just like you when I had Matthew is one of the most precious things I own. Thank you for doing that. It means so very much and is such a bright spot in a otherwise devastating situation.

  14. Oops forgot to leave me RAK (random act of kindness). Was eating in a restaurant with my husband. A sweet lady who must be in her 80’s was eating along and staring off into space while she ate. She looked so alone. I got up and located her waitress and asked that her check be given to us.

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