For the Love of Lilly Contest Vote

I am soooo excited to say that one of my dearest, truest friends is one of only four finalists in the Lilly Pulitzer For the Love of Lilly contest!  She’s one of the kindest, most deserving people I have the honor of knowing.  Her late mother purchased her first two pieces for her when she was a teenager and it is still her favorite twenty-five years later!

This picture of her with her daughter is one of my all-time favorites of anyone anywhere.  It was taken by another incredible friend, Jennifer Winter.

Most recently, Jennifer and I helped Missy choose this gorgeous pink Lilly dress to wear to receive her Teacher of the Year award!


We’ve found ourselves accidentally matching in Lilly so many times over the years, from Disney parks to her mom’s funeral.  <3

I’d be soooooo grateful if you’d take a minute to pop over to the For the Love of Lilly page and give her your vote! She’s #1 @thatsouthernchk.

Voting is open through November 7 and the winner gets a trip to Palm Beach and a Lilly shopping spree and I’d love to see her win!!!


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