9th Annual Snowflake Breakfast: Elf on the Shelf Plaid Party

You might be every bit as surprised as I was that the elf is still in action here at the W house.  I’m pretty certain nobody here believes that Scout is Santa’s flying elf, but I know that everyone enjoys the fun and magic that comes along with the tradition.   And, who would I be to cancel all that fun?!  So, once again, the elf came back for the season with a snowflake breakfast.  (You know, once he found his way out the the wreath I had him in as a decorative touch.)

Per usual lately, I was running short on time and with a total lack of a plan.  Ha!  So, I gathered up everything plaid I could find, some faux snow from a bag in the attic and an Instacart grocery delivery and the party was on.  I am so glad I honed this skills when my people were little and had  no obligations, commitments or schedules of their own.  :-)  Oh, and I am also thankful these days for kids that don’t wake up until 10AM on Saturdays so that a last minute breakfast can still be a fun surprise.

I love to use wrapping paper as a colorful, cheap and easy runner when doing these sorts of things for the family.  I pulled out a roll of plaid, cut it straight down the middle and used it as two runners that doubled as place mats.  My monogrammed plates were from my shop (sold the last few years), and most of the other items were from Homegoods over the years.  

I put Scout (the elf) and Anna (Elsa’s puppy elf…. yes, I perpetuate all sorts of nonsense around here but she NEEDS an elf if anyone does) on a cake plate surrounded by trees stolen from my foyer vignette and some fake snow as the centerpiece.  

As for the food, the Snowflake Breakfast usually entails a variety of “mini” elf-sized options.  Well, I am now feeding people that eat like adults, so I can’t do just that without a whole lot of work.  I did bacon, mini Sister Schubert cinnamon rolls, strawberries and mini pancakes.  I also had mini quiche that I totally forgot to make and put out.  Oy!  I was the only one that missed them, I’m sure.

Once again, John is in charge of all elf responsibilities and antics from here on out.  I did buy a few cute things to help him out with it.  (Actually Sister did…)  I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds.


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One thought on “9th Annual Snowflake Breakfast: Elf on the Shelf Plaid Party

  1. I love the Snowflake Breakfast – especially the mini portions. I also love that you’ve handed the antics off to John. What fun! xo

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