Mary Poppins Returns with Free Printable Activity Book

Every December we kick off Christmas break with the B family over dinner, a gift exchange and the new Star Wars movie. Well, since there wasn’t a Star Wars movie this year, we saw Mary Poppins Returns instead. It was practically perfect in every way and we enjoyed every minute of the movie. Emily Blunt was an outstanding Mary Poppins – I wasn’t sure how anyone could hold a candle to Julie Andrews but she absolutely did! The only thing I missed was just having one or two of the iconic songs from the original, like Supercalifragilistic or Spoonfull of Sugar.

If you’ve already seen Mary Poppins Returns, let us know what you thought!

We are finally off to see Ralph Breaks the Internet today. I got a wonderful sneak peek at the DVC Member Cruise this summer and have been excited to see the full movie ever since.

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