4 Things for 2019

It’s that time of the year when we evaluate the year we just finished and look ahead to what we might change in the months ahead. My goals are pretty basic, but are still lofty enough that I’m going to have to commit to accomplishing them. Some of them will look realllly familiar.

Attend Mass

I am mortified to say that this was a flop for us in 2018. We started off great, attending the vigil mass on Saturdays. Then spring sports kicked in and schedules filled up and we fell off the wagon. If I had to pick one thing that I hate about myself, it is that I let THIS slip as a priority. We didn’t stop going, we just didn’t make it regularly. This is my top goal for 2019.

Daily Schedule

My #2 goal is to redesign my own daily schedule. I made great strides in 2018, but am not quite there. My plan of attack is loosely this…

  1. Get Whit off to school
  2. Blog – Write blog post, answer emails, etc.
  3. Take John to school
  4. Walk MWF, Errands TT
  5. Glass Slipper Work with a HARD stop at 2:30 pm
  6. Homework with Whit while starting dinner, paying bills, cleaning, etc.
  7. Pick up John
  8. Family time & dinner with NO electronics

My day goes seriously South at 2:30. I can’t stop working, Whit’s homework suffers, I am stressed getting John from school, dinner ends up way too late, and my evening feels frantic and like I have one million loose ends to tie up. I think this loose schedule can make a big difference.


We spent a chunk of our savings on the two bathroom renovations last year, so this year we are committed to building that back up and watching our frivolous expenditures. Areas we will reign in as a family are eating out and buying “things” that don’t have an explicit place or purpose in our life. (I’m looking at you Target). I personally am resolved to being happy with all of the beautiful clothes already hanging in my closet. :-)

I’d love to know if you have a resolution, goal or word for 2019!


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20 thoughts on “4 Things for 2019

  1. REST! That’s my word for 2019. Last year was crazy busy and so much FUN, but whew…I also feel like it was an absolute blur. As a small business mom-preneur like yourself, I too just don’t know when to “shut it down”. Have got to set boundaries on when working at home and just like you said, having a schedule/routine (aka setting boundaries) really makes all the difference. Good luck and happy New Year to you and your precious fam!

    Oh oh oh, one last thing: any recommendations for fabulous downtown restaurants? I’m heading back to ATL for gift market next Thursday and then girlfriends are meeting me for dinner/Justin Timberlake concert as an early 35th bday celebration (*insert jazz hands here*). I feel like we always just go to Ray’s or Sundial , anything close to the hotels we stay at. Didn’t know if you had any hidden secret gems you loved? Always love your recs!

    Thanks so much xoxo

    1. I love dining over on the West Side. JCT Kitchen and Taqueria del Sol are favorites! I love your word to REST!

  2. We share a couple of goals for 2019. Spiritual nourishment is number 1 and getting on a better daily schedule is number 2 for me. Always on the list is to reduce frivolous spending regular exercise is perpetually on the list as well. Happy New Year!

  3. If you were able to ‘stop’ with your travel business today at 2:30, good for you! 🤣. I just don’t believe it was possible today!!! From one Disney planner to another, I’m just NOW stopping for the day/night! This was my sixth year of free dining promos, and I think it is one for the books!

    1. Well today was particularly awful! Free dining needs to die a slow and painful death. I am stopping at 2:30! :-)

  4. I love reading about everyone’s goals! I, too, am reworking my schedule. With teaching 2 days a week and a part-time (at home) job, my schedule has gotten all out of whack! I have to be purposeful or everything falls apart.

    My words for the year are READY and FEARLESS – which is kind of ironic, since I’m scared to find out what they will require of me.

    1. I love your words and your goals. It is hard juggling everything. I made good progress in 2018 but definitely have some work to do in that area.

  5. After years and years of setting big goals and failing my husband and I decided on 3 basic changes for this year. *quiet time every day (prayer, grateful journal for me) *outdoor fun (kayak, bikes, boat, beach) *mo junk food in the house .(we have date day on Wednesday and we can have junk food then if we wish) very doable right? Happy 2019!

  6. Spiritual goals top my list, too! What a surprise to open your blog and see my church! Didn’t know we shared!!
    Another goal is to realize I can only do the best I can and perfection doesn’t have to be a part of everything in my life!!!

    1. I struggle with perfection too. Then one day a few years ago I realized that just “getting it done” is often good enough. We have a running joke in my family about when I kick into “get it done mode”. haha!

      Hope to see you at mass MUCH more often in 2019. :-)

  7. I’ve followed your blog for a few years now and enjoy reading about your travels, successes, and seeing your beautiful home. But just now reading about your challenges (that we all share), makes me enjoy this blog even more.

    I don’t make resolutions, but if I had to pick a word, it would be endurance.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2019!

  8. My big goal for this year is more vegetables, less cheese! I’m off to a good start on the more vegetables, but not so much on the less cheese.

  9. Sounds like you have very achievable goals. Don’t be too hard on yourself at the end of the day. But I definitely get trying to be present with kids and homework. That can be a struggle. Love you bathroom re-do! It will pay off with the happiness it brings to you for many years to come:) Happy 2019! You’ve got this!

  10. You have a great list. Love your honesty. Church attendance is so nice for your boys. My 17 year old makes me go weekly since his confirmation. It has been a blessing to me! Before that, I didn’t attend regularly. He also became involved in the youth group and it’s such a nice group of kids. I now feel more connected seeing the same families weekly.
    If you can wing it, maybe getting up before everyone to do the blogging in peace after you throw a load of laundry in and put something in the crockpot or out to defrost. Those quiet hours are precious. My word for the year is “Now”. Mainly bc I have proscratinated on too many goals!

  11. I decided to break my goals and resolutions down into monthly goals. I’m working my way through a big list for January already! Lots of reading, a few Netflix shows and Podcasts I wanted to check out, some exercise goals, and a blogging goal…along with a huge home cleanout that I’m not so excited about.

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