Christmas Cards Clip Ring

My parents are here this weekend and as they slaved away all day hand cutting snowflakes to use as decor for CeeCee’s birthday party, I snuggled up with Elsa on the sofa and worked on this year’s Christmas card clip ring!

I like to sort mine by general size – long, large and small. I punch them all in the corner with a standard hand hold punch. And, then just put them together with a large 2″ binder ring clip.  I put our card on top every year. This is the same method I use for storing each season’s swim team ribbons. Believe me, the box of binder ring clips will not go unused!

I first shared this back in 2012 when I went from storing the cards in photo albums to this method. We have years and years of cards that are fun to look back on when the holidays roll around. They started off with wedding and honeymoon photos, then first babies, then families and now teens and even graduations. Time flies!


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7 thoughts on “Christmas Cards Clip Ring

  1. Amanda, I love this idea! I usually put mine in a small photo album but will use your method going forward. You inspire me in so many ways. Blessings to you and your precious family in 2019!

  2. What a great idea! I feel so guilty when I toss them after the holidays…some I do keep and pray over thoughout the year but I like being able to keep all in one spot! And I agree about the rings..I find myself using them all the time!

  3. Love this ideas. I keep mine in a box but love this ideas too. Do you keep all cards or just photo cards. I’ve been doing both but when I go back to look I usually end up only glancing through the photo cards. My favorite!

    1. I usually keep all of them but Mother is doing a craft project to turn her non-photo cards into tags for gifts next year so I gave them to her!

  4. I have made gift tags from the non-photo cards before and backed them with thick wrapping paper, fabric, and even just cardstock. We recycled cards like this too to help decorate at a nursing home with our scout groups.

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