Converting the Can Lights

When we were renovating our bathroom, we left exact same number of recessed lights but the room seems a hundred times lighter than before.  I know, of course, that is partially due to swapping out all of the navy and dark wood for white and light gray. 

I’ve looked at alternate lighting before but have had bad luck with really blueish, harsh bulbs.  The bathroom lighting was just perfect, so I got the information from our contractor and Honey set to work replacing every other light in the entire house!

We used this Sunco retrofit kit light in 3000K.  I bought a few 12-packs and a 4-pack to have enough for all of them, but they also come in singles. Honey said there is a little bit of technique in switching them out, and to read the reviews on Amazon for the specifics.  (He told me but I have since forgotten… it has something to do with the clips that hold the lights in and on a few of them he also needed these recessed light clips.)

I know these are awful pictures that are illustrative of how great the lights look, but they have made a tremendous difference in every single room of the house!

Retrofit LED Light Kit | Recessed Light Clips

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7 thoughts on “Converting the Can Lights

  1. So is it just a different kind of bulb? Help me understand!!!!! We have recessed lights but in the afternoon I feel like I need every light on just see we’ll to do everyday tasks!

  2. Amanda, we have so many can lights in our house that I joke that the ceiling looks like Swiss cheese. I think the builder may have been getting a kickback on them–HeeHee. Probably a dumb question, but why did you change them out? Is it that the exterior of the new lights just looks better, or is it a difference in the quality and/or brightness of the lights? I also noticed that your new lights are 13-watt LEDS; other than saving on electricity, what are the advantages of that?? I do know that my hub is constantly replacing burnt out bulbs in our can lights and the bulbs are not cheap, but not sure if that makes it cost effective to change out the fixtures. I am not questioning whether it was a good idea, but just trying to understand the advantages of replacing the fixtures? THANKS!!!

    1. Hi, We changed them out for brighter lighting! These LED lights are a much better quality of light and they do save on electricity as well. I kid you not – we were replacing a light at least once a week in the kitchen. These have been in since October and not one has burned out. Hope that helps!

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