State Plates + Simple Charcuterie

One of my sweet girlfriends gave me the Georgia platter from The Royal Standard for Christmas and I have already had the occasion to use it multiple times. Y’all know I love being a Georgia peach through and through! I really like that the plate is all white, so it goes with everything. And, it is the perfect size for a cheese and charcuterie spread.

Speaking of which, I put this exact one together three times in the week between Christmas and back to school. Here’s what’s on it:

For more board / spread type entertaining inspiration, these are some of my favorites:

My parents arrive here tomorrow and perhaps my mom can help me make the winter version come to life soon!


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5 thoughts on “State Plates + Simple Charcuterie

  1. Oh I love this. being a Louisiana girl, I MUST get one of those!! I wonder if there are cutting boards, too?

    Also, you should do a post on what you love to include on your charcuterie platters! I see okra on yours- do you like okra? the only way I can tolerate it is if it is breaded and deep fried. haha. too slimy otherwise!!

    My mom makes a gumbo that is all okra, collards, mustard greens, etc. I would gag every time she made it. It’s her traditional Ash Wednesday meal! Its called Gumbo Z’herbes!

  2. If you add brie to your board, the Braswell’s fig preserves from Publix got rave reviews on my last board. It’s on the top shelf at my location.

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