The Cutest Clear Clutch Stadium Bag

Sister and I usually exchange money and a small gift for Christmas. It’s just what we do and we both love it. This year I gave her a passport cover to put the money in (prior to our CA and AK trip) but then came across the CUTEST clear clutch to use as a stadium bag. So the money and passport cover all went in that.

It was literally the last minute, so I had the bag sent directly to Savannah. I promised her a monogram for it but she hasn’t picked out a style. Meanwhile, I did monogram my own (I had to have one too!) and am so excited to share.

Monogrammed Clear Stadium Bag

I used my custom monogram and gold vinyl, cut on my Cricut. It took about 2 minutes flat and I cannot wait to use this!

Tools I Use

I’m off to middle school carpool and then an evening of driving people around. :-)

Clear Clutch Stadium Bag

Cricut Explore Air 2  |  Cricut Easy Press (affiliate links)

Dixie Delights Cricut Design Space  |  All Cricut Projects


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8 thoughts on “The Cutest Clear Clutch Stadium Bag

  1. I love this so much! Our Disney/Universe vacay was perfect you for landed for us this dally by the way! We had such a great time as a family!

    1. That should have said:
      I love this stadium bag so much!
      Our Disney/Universal vacay you planned for us this past fall was perfect by the way! We had such a great time as a family!

  2. Love this cute bag! Interested as to what passport cover you purchased and where? Trust your judgement.

  3. THIS BAG!!!!!!!☺ It’s too adorable!
    There was a Cricut Explorer Air 2 (in soft aqua!) under the tree on Christmas morning and it’s changed my life! 😁

    1. Mine is from Number Four Eleven in savannah. However, that was before they were easy to get on etsy! Look up ShulerStudio. They have beautiful styles.

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