Be Mine {Valentine’s Door Hanger}

I’ve had my most favorite Bronwyn Hanahan Be Mine door hanger out for a couple of weeks!  I always love putting this one out for a cheerful punch of color in what is usually a pretty dreary month.

The dogs got pink and red ribbons for the holiday.

The little violas in the pots are not in any rush to grow too fast. Haha!

But, the tulip bulbs we planted in December are already peeking through! We don’t refresh our pinestraw until Easter, so things are looking pretty sparse right about now.

We have had the most glorious week of weather in Atlanta this week. I scrubbed every surface of the porch on Monday and have been enjoying working from there the last few days. Elsa, of course, has been terribly busy chasing down every squirrel and chipmunk that sets foot on our property.

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