Celebrating A^2

We had the honor and pleasure of attending a family friend’s bar mitzvah last night! The A family moved to our neck of the woods from Los Angeles when John and Andrew were in elementary school, and we ended up with the boys on the same baseball team too. It has been such a joy watching these boys grow into young men over the years, and it was incredibly special to see all of Andrew’s hard work preparing for his mitzvah come to fruition. In addition to that, I love that my boys were able to experience this incredibly moving and important ceremony in the Jewish faith. (You might recall that the A family invited us to their Passover Seder a few years ago too!) My favorite part was the ceremony at sunset…. just beautiful. <3

Afterwards we enjoyed a joyful celebration of dancing and dining well into the night! The A’s put on a pretty impressive party with the best DJ I’ve seen in my life!!

It was a night that we will all fondly remember! Thank you so, so much to the A family for treating US like family for all of these years. Mazel tov, Andrew, the W Family will always be there to cheer you on!

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