Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day {Lucky Leprechaun Breakfast + Old Parade Pics}

It’s parade day in Savannah and we celebrated at home with a Lucky Leprechaun Breakfast!

I was up at the crack of dawn to make dining reservations for a client, so I had plenty of time to do all of THIS before heading out for the day’s lacrosse and baseball games.

I used all of my usual tricks for the festive table setting… a wrapping paper runner, paper confetti, tissue bunting on the mirror, colored napkins and themed dinner plates and cups. The only thing I bought was the wrapping paper, but I’ve used it all month long for various dinners and after school snacks.

Breakfast was quite simple, though I realize it looks elaborate. I used our favorite Krusteaz (not sponsored) Belgian waffle mix and tinted it green with paste food coloring. For toppings, I warmed the syrup, pulled the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms (I know… that’s a lot), and put rainbow sprinkles in a bowl. Sides were bacon and a rainbow of fruit.

Now, since it IS parade day in Savannah, I thought I’d share some from years ago when we used to walk about half way in the parade and then meet Mother in the square to watch the rest!

I also love this one of Mother and her bestie Becky on St. Patrick’s Day eons ago. Becky and her kids (Becca and Richard from above), were like family to us growing up.

They still go to the parade together to this day. Here’s one from today (with “an Irish fireman from DC”… LOL)!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Eve!!

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3 thoughts on “Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day {Lucky Leprechaun Breakfast + Old Parade Pics}

  1. Happy St. Pat’s Day! Amanda, I really enjoy your blog and the sharing of your recipes, family and travel. Don’t know how you do it!
    I have a question… in this post you show a lovely white lidded pitcher – maybe to hold syrup? Would you share the manufacturer of this item? It’s exactly what I have been looking for and hope to find it or something similar.
    Thank you!

  2. Morning Amanda and HSPD! I know my eyes are bad and that’s an old picture but what is your mother holding while sitting on the steps with her friend? It LOOKS like a lizard!?

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