I celebrated 43 today by hopping in the car and heading home to Savannah with Honey and Whit. John stayed behind with grandma Juju since he had a lacrosse tournament he didn’t want to miss, so we did our usual Japanese dinner on the birthday eve. We stayed at my parent’s house, but Sister’s family was on the tail end of their spring break so we spent the whole weekend together!

Mother recently sorted through and organized ALL of the family photos from even before she was born. We loved looking through them! Here are some gems from my first and second birthdays.

I think this was number 5. I chose to celebrate with a fancy dinner at The Pirates House. It struck me that not much has changed – I still love ruffles, a nice dinner and an ice cream sundae (or ice cream cake) and celebrated in very much the same way for number forty-three.

These two were from roller skating parties. Gosh, I LOVED those! Sister is the little one to the left of me in the first pic and to the right of me in the second pic. These were my sixth and seventh birthdays.

I celebrated with a few friends earlier in the week. One night my neighbors took me to dinner and almost had me in tears with this thoughtful setup. They all dressed in Lilly, brought the new Piece of Cake birthday cake, had Lilly napkins and drink umbrellas, and even a hand painted bottle of my favorite prosecco!!

Many, many thanks to all of the friends, family and readers from near and far that sent notes, cards, messages and made calls this week. Each and every one was so appreciated and made me feel immensely loved and incredibly fortunate for ALL of the blessings in my life. <3

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7 thoughts on “Forty-three

  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Amanda. What a wonderful weekend celebrated with family and friends. CeeCee looks like you in the your picture of your 5th birthday. Have a great week.

  2. Happy Birthday, Amanda! What a delight to see your childhood photos and hats off to your mother for completing such an overwhelming project!
    You make the world a lovelier place and are greatly appreciated! May God bless you in the coming year. 🏵🍀🤗🍀🏵

  3. PS
    I love the Coke bottle in the kitchen, the drink umbrellas when you were little and your concentration while blowing out your candles. 😊 Indeed, not much has changed! Absolutely darling!💘

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